Hitting Brockets

On my desktop there is a folder. A folder called “Blog Cards”, into which I dump all my scans. There are currently 74 items in said folder, all waiting to be talked about. Some are common, some are random, some are just too awesome to stay unmentioned any longer. Those include the latest editions to my Brock Holt collection.
Let’s pause for a moment and appreciate the human highlight reel this kid is…


Feeling Blue

I have a saved search for the phrase “Red Sox Refractor” and randomly I’ll check it for good deals. Mostly it’s stuff I already have, or stuff that’s /5 and way to expensive. The other day however there was a couple of lots of Bowman Chrome and I picked a few up with combined shipping. Chase the rainbow… or catch the wave?


January Pickups

Last weekend there was a major card show here in Houston. I went and scoured the dime-boxes for hidden treasure. I picked up quite a few but I decided that I wanted to post the “other” pickups I made this month before I flood everyone with posts from the card show. So, these are the random ebay pickups from the month of January. I’ve got hundreds of cards to scan for my cardshow posts, but in a lot of ways these outshine what I was able to find at the show. The show was all about quantity, while my ebay hunting was just cherry-picking the good stuff.


Christmas Cards: Part 1

I decided right before the holidays that my PTO hours at work were sufficiently stuffed and that I could simply “take two weeks off” without even making a dent in it. Our PTO rolls over from year to year and I haven’t taken a significant vacation in quite a while. So, I did. I didn’t do ANYTHING. It was awesome. I got in some serious Daddy-Daughter time with my little one, watched some movies, cooked up a lot of BBQ, and generally just “stepped away” from the computer. Now we’re back and before things get wound up for Q1 projects, I figured I’d scan in some of the cards I picked up over the holidays. Having both a birthday and Christmas, I was able to put away a little bit of card money to save for the Houston card show in a couple weeks. The rest I blew on some random pick ups from ebay and a hobby box of Gypsy Queen.


PWE from the Hot Corner

A little while back Pat from Hot Corner Cards mentioned that he was sending out some PWEs and I was the lucky recipient of one.


For starters, he killed it with two very nice Brock Holt parallels for my player collection. I desperately needed the Target Red Border and the gold Bowman is my second which means I can have one in the team set and one in the player collection, as it should be.


Then to top it off, Pat throws in a Nomar mini and a “Post Season Heroes” David Ortiz. The best part of the whole thing, and in reference to the Ortiz card, was Pat’s note…


I laughed out loud at that one and everyone at my office thought I was a crazy person.

Awesome PWE Pat, thank you for the awesome cards!!!