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Card Show 2019

For once the Annual Tristar Show in Houston wasn’t on Father’s Day weekend, it was the week before. I got to go, and this was the haul…

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2019 Donruss Highlights

2019 is off to a bit of a whimper for the Red Sox, and card collecting is more or less following suite. There’s not a ton of excitement in the first…

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2019 Topps Heritage Breakdown

It’s not going to come as much surprise that this breakdown took all of 20 minutes. 1970’s Topps isn’t exactly known for it’s intricate design. I mean, a grey box…

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2019 Topps Series 1

2019 Topps Series 1 – This checklist is a raging dumpster fire. I should say upfront, there’s nothing really “wrong” with Topps flagship design this year. It’s fine, it’s simple…

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2018 In Review

I don’t even know where to start… Usually I’m pretty good with words. However in 2018 they apparently escaped me entirely.

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Crazy Summer

As I sit here, at my desk, in my house, I think about how easy those words are to type, but a year after Hurricane Harvey, how hard they were to actually make a reality again. Last week was the one year anniversary of when our home flooded. I can still remember to torrential downpour of rain…

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