Inspirational Fire

I wanted to try something a little different with a custom I was working on. For the longest time I’ve enjoyed seeing the work of a fellow by the name of Tyson Beck. You might not recognize the name right off the bat, but you’d probably recognize his work. Topps hired him to work on the “Fire” brand of inserts and cards. The overall look of the “Fire” brand of cards changes from year to year, but on the whole they usually involve both geometric abstracts as well as paint/dust/particle effects. Some would say “paint splatter”, others “grunge and dust”, I just call it fantastic and inspirational. I was using the “Fire” inserts specifically from 2016 Update Baseball as inspiration.

So, with that said, and with literally 100 different “paint” brushes in photoshop, I came up with this…



2015 Fantasy Baseball – Final Results

With the 2015 regular season coming to a close, so does Fantasy Baseball. I’m actually stunned, honestly so, that my own team pulled off an upset win over Duff’s team for the championship. My season record was barely over .500, but we went on a 7-week streak towards the end.


I can take zero credit for it, I just had the good fortune of having both Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Keuchel in my rotation when they were hot. My outfield was weak, the rest of my rotation was weak, and I had to pick up about half a new team mid-season due to injuries. I took a couple longshots on rookies that panned out. Last year that same strategy bit me in the butt. Both Carlos Correa and Rougned Odor turned out to be pleasant surprises.

I’d like to thank everyone for playing this year. I had fun, I hope you did as well. Duff, I’d like to send some Padres your way as a consolation prize. I think I already have your address around here somewhere. Let me know if it’s changed recently.

Just for fun I think I might post up a comparison between the players I started the season with, and the ones I ended up with, but I’ll save that for another day. Thanks everybody!

Batting around

I don’t actually own that much in the way of “sports memorabilia”. Having entire gloves, bats, shoes, etc., is just too expensive. I don’t have any disposable incoming, I’m not a doctor or a lawyer, so paying hundreds of dollars for stuff is just not going to happen. I do have a signed Jim Rice jersey that Sam found for me, and a couple balls I’ve had signed in person. That was it, until today. Today I’ve added a signed bat to my collection.

So, who signed the bat…?


Diamond Kings

When I saw the initial “preview” of Diamond Kings a couple months ago I thought I could safely ignore it as a product I didn’t really have any interest in. Then I saw the checklist. Then I saw it in person. Now I’m all in. I love these cards. They are awesome. Panini has done an exceptional job with these.

2015_DK_Ortiz_AKAPapi (more…)

Recently Acquired

I was going to say “What I’ve Been Buying Lately”, but that’s George’s thing, and I didn’t want to sound like I was ripping that off. Quite honestly, this spring has been absolutely boring. With the exception of Gypsy Queen, which I’m on the fence about, and Diamond Kings, which I’ve loving, there hasn’t been anything to really get excited about. Bowman is boring this year, I can’t actually find any USA Baseball or Prizm for that matter, and nothing else interesting gets released until Ginter in July. I was going to pick up some Americana, but then I saw the checklist was mostly hollywood stars and musicians and kind of tuned out. So, random single cards with combined shipping was the order of the spring.


My Fantasy Team by the Cards

Last Saturday our Card Bloggers Fantasy League drafted. I thought it would be a fun little side project to try and put together a “team set” for my fantasy team this year, the Texas Penal League All-Stars, with cards I had sitting around. I’m short by one, but that’s mostly because I pulled these from stacks I have sitting around my office, and I didn’t dive into any boxes just yet.

So, let’s see how the ol’ fantasy team stacks up this year…