Oh coffee, thy cup is empty!

That would be the fancy way of saying that I’ve bought more cards this week than cups of morning coffee. Office (aka: terrible) coffee will have to suffice. I know, I know, it’s a terrible sacrifice to make, but these are lean times we’re in, and cards aren’t just going to buy themselves…

I’m doing this for future generations! Ok, not really, but I did get some neat cards this week. 🙂


JABO Group Break #5

Kyle from Just a Bit Outside really hit the ground running in 2012 with back-to-back-to-back group breaks and more on the way. I managed to scrape together enough to get in on breaks #4, #5 and the upcoming Gypsy Queen break (for #6). Break #5 was a really wide selection of all sorts of years and brands. 2003 Bazooka, 2005 Topps Chrome, 2008 SP Authentic and 2003 Fleer Flair. I also decided to jump in and help fill this one out by taking a second team, the Angels, in hopes of getting a Lackey or Pujols hit. Here’s how I did…


Mail Day from the Bay

Another week, another smattering of little yellow bubble mailers… well… except for that jerk that charged me $3 shipping and sent me a card in a PWE with a single stamp on it. Seriously, eBay people, nothing will get you a crappy rating faster than sending things in a PWE. Now, if shipping is free, or $0.50, or something like that, sure, that’s understandable. I’m getting what I paid for. I would gladly pay you an extra dollar for a better envelope if given the option. Just don’t charge me like you’re going to send it first class in a mailer, and then put a $0.43 stamp on it. That’s not cool.

I digress.


Loot from the Dimwit

I like saying the word “dimwit”, even though my friend Sam is anything but. Dimwit. Hehehe. See, it’s just a fun word. What’s even more fun than his pseudonym are his group breaks and card drafts. I was fortunate enough to jump into the later and scored a couple nifty cards.

Normally, the point of a “Trade Bait Draft” is to buy things for other people or at least things you think other people might be interested in. However, Sam’s latest was so full of neat Red Sox stuff, I had a hard time picking up anything else.


Opening Day from Derek

Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping has been exceedingly generous with his recent Opening Day and Heritage purchases, spreading his extra non-Braves love around the blogosphere. I can’t thank him enough for sending me all his Red Sox as of late. I truly appreciate it! I keep trying to score neat Braves hits from eBay to repay him for his kindness. He’ll get something nifty soon enough, muwahahahaha. *cough*

Anyway, to say ‘Thank You’ and to show off what he sent, I fired up the ol’flatbed today…