Cheap Stuff

Last week my local Walmart decided to rearrange it’s entire card section. It went from a tiny, single shelf near the “self checkout” to an entire isle on the other side of the store, complete with 5 of 6 shelves and a whole new card game section. I could care less about Magic and Pokemon, but having a larger card section is a welcome sight. They clearly didn’t have enough stock at the time to fill it out, so Excell dropped off a metric ton of stuff they were obviously trying to get rid of. The whole section was filled to the gills with $11.99 discount blasters, $2.99 rack packs, and a bunch of those $0.99/1.49 discount pack boxes. I grabbed a couple GQ packs and some random 2009/2010 Bowman stuff that was all marked $2.


Crackin’ Wax’s 10 Box Break

This post is terribly overdue. I’ve been insanely busy, and I’ve had the box that Topher sent me sitting next to my scanner for far too long. Anyway, since Ginter got pushed back this year, and because we all just need to bust something every once in a while, he was having a little 10 box mixer, with random products from the past decade or two. These are the goodies I got for my Red Sox slot.


More Brock

I’ve been slowly adding to my Brock Holt collection over the past month or so. I’ve had a bit of trouble getting my hands on the harder to find cards (Bowman /25 refractors, etc) since he got called up a couple weeks ago. I had several auction bids in for things, ranging from $0.99 to a couple dollars only to have sellers pull the cards and relist them starting at $60+. I guess making it to the big show will probably do that. So, what interesting cards did I add to the collection?


PWE From Pat

Pat from Hot Corner Cards and I did a little PWE exchange last week. He sent a couple cards I needed for my Gypsy Queen set and I sent a couple Tigers his way. Here’s my half.


The three GQ cards I needed. Kevin Milwood for the “No-Hitters” insert set, CarGo and Austin Jackson for the “Sliding Stars” set. Check and check.

That wasn’t all. Pat also snuck in a nice Iglesias emerald sparkly.


Thanks for the quick trade Pat!

2013 Panini Golden Age Baseball

When I say things like “I’ll post about that tomorrow” and then don’t deliver it actually ticks me off a bit. Alas, life is busy and things happen. Also, no one probably cares, so, that’s an upside. What I have today, and what I should have had 4 days ago, is a box break of 2013 Panini Golden Age Baseball.

Just like calling A&G a “baseball product” is a bit of a stretch, so to is Golden Age Baseball. Yes, there are plenty of baseball players in it. Even one of the sub-sets is about the Bad News Bears. There are also a whole range of other athletes as well as celebrities and actors.

That said, I do love retro products and this one was no exception. The checklist is fun while not being overly crowded. The relics are neat. The card quality is excellent. It has minis. What else could you want? Let’s crack this open…