Mail Week: Day One – Hot Corner Cards

Normally I’d consider “internet strangers” to be the last people I’d give my home address to, but you guys continue to amaze me with your generosity, not only to me, but to each other. It should stand as a testament to the spirit of the card community that we complete trades and send each other packages on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, with such free and complete generosity. This week I wanted to mention, and show, some of the packages I’ve received in response to my first round of mailings a couple weeks ago. I’m going to spread them out over a couple days, so I hope you don’t mind.


April Mail Day

I have all sorts of loose ends regarding mail these days. I’m finally finished a big project at work and I actually have a minute to collect my thoughts on things and get back to my neglected scanner.

First, a more than overdue thank you to the infamous JayBarkFan, who PWE’d me a couple weeks ago. It was a different address than his usual and there wasn’t a note. Wes, you’ve got to put a little JBF somewhere on there buddy, lol. I only put two and two together when I started seeing other people post about them as well.


A trio of 3 very nice ’81 Topps, a 82′ Donruss that’s been well loved, and a 2008 UD Documentary Tek’. Love’em Wes, thanks again!

It’s actually a goal of mine to go back through and finish the 80’s and 90’s, just to say I did. I’m not going to get a set from every company, or more than one set for each year, but I would like to complete that part of my childhood where I completely neglected cards in general.


Next up, going from old to very very new, a nice Pedroia Spring Fever from Topher at Crackin’ Wax. He got the Spring Fever and Silver Slate redemptions in from his S1 case break and this was my loot from those redemption packs. I’ve got the Pedroia and the Williams, just need to find a Middlebrooks to complete the set.


Last up, one of those “bid $0.25 and see if it sticks” sort of things. It stuck. The orange borders were retail and not numbered. One less I need to hunt for the rainbow. Every little bit helps.