Series 2 Hobby Box

So, when my wife asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day, 3 things entered my mind. A steak, Uncharted 3, and some baseball cards. I’ve already had my steak, and Uncharted 3 is on it’s way via Amazon. The Series 2 hobby box she got me however, showed up early, and she let me bust into it and spill it’s cardboard goodness like a parallel stuffed piñata.

I enjoy metaphors way too much. lol.

I got the obligatory jersey card for my hit, but also managed a black border /61. I scanned and sorted the whole box this morning. If you’re in need of something from Series 2, or are just trying to knock off you’re team set, let me know.


Trade Bait Update

As I mentioned last week, I was doing a bit of scanning and finally got around to updating my trade bait gallery. It’s now up to date with things from the couple trade bait drafts I was in earlier this year (with more on the way from Greg – *poke*), my 2nd teams from group breaks, and anything out of personally purchased boxes and blasters. The “good stuff” (autos and relics) I floated to the top of page 1, and newer 2012 stuff is towards the bottom of page 2.

Also, as a PSA, I’m busting a hobby box of Series 2 for Father’s Day, and if anyone is looking for anything in particular (team set, specific card, parallel of some sort) just let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for it.

That is all.

June Break Loot

Got my break loot from The Dimwit’s June break yesterday. I actually, and I still can’t believe this, traded away my second team in the break which ended up netting Matt Pederson a 1/1 bat knob. My thought was that I could take San Diego and get some pre-Red Sox Adrian Gonzalez cards. I did get a couple, but a bat knob would have been legendary. On the upside, I got two sick autos of my own. Let’s take a look…


E3 2012

Every year I take a look at the massive video gaming conference that is E3 and offer my completely unbiased and level-headed preview for the gaming year to come. Ok, that’s a lie. I watch the conference and bitch about how they’re consistently ruining a medium that I love. This year, my thoughts on E3’s offerings are fairly easy to distill into a single thought. “What the hell!?!” Strap in. This is going to be a good one…



So, my month long and self-imposed limit on card buying is now over and I feel good about it. I put the money towards more important things like time with the family and I’ve got a couple freelance things in the works for hopefully some more card money in the near future. That’s another rule. Paycheck is for living, money on the side is for cards. By self regulating and sticking to only “play money” for cards, it helps keep the lights on, or more importantly in the middle of summer, the A/C.