So, my month long and self-imposed limit on card buying is now over and I feel good about it. I put the money towards more important things like time with the family and I’ve got a couple freelance things in the works for hopefully some more card money in the near future. That’s another rule. Paycheck is for living, money on the side is for cards. By self regulating and sticking to only “play money” for cards, it helps keep the lights on, or more importantly in the middle of summer, the A/C.

Anyway, I didn’t jump back in with both feet, but as always there were a couple things I had my eye on. For starters, and I’m not going to bother scanning in all 100 of them, I finished my 2012 Topps Olympic set, which I’m pretty happy about. I managed all 100 base cards, about 20 G/S/B parallels and a couple of the events/venues cards. I decided not to chase the rest of the event and venue inserts mostly because they’re not particularly interesting and the 100 base cards were my goal in the first place. If they pop up later, or if someone happens to have dupes, I’d probably trade for them, but they’re pretty far down on my list of “must-have” cards at the moment. The base set is pretty neat though. I like the art, the cards are solid, good subjects. Being a fan of the Games, it’ll be something I can hold on to and enjoy later as well.

I also finished off my team set for 2012 Archives, the set I didn’t intend to buy, lol. That was one of my eBay purchases last week. Sam started me off with 4, and someone on ebay was selling dupes for pennies. I picked up the other 8 for next to nothing. I would question the inclusion of a card for Andrew Bailey, since he won’t even be eligible to play until after the all-star break, but apparently someone took the time to Photoshop his uniform, so, why let the recolor job go to waste, right Topps? Anyway, it was by far my cheapest team set pick up thus far, clocking in at about a dollar shipped (plus the 4 from Sam). That’s less than the $3 I spent for a pack at Wally World to “see what all the fuss was about.”

Last, but not least, I tracked down 2 more GQ relics. The large relic for Boggs is still on it’s way (gotta love the USPS) but the full-sized Fisk arrived on Monday. Not only that, but I won the Fisk as part of a 3-card lot auction, so I got two for the trade bait pile as well!

That’s a nice Avila and Zimmerman to go along with the Fisk. $3 total. $1 per card, totally worth it.

So, with the Fisk and the Boggs taken care of, I’m down to needing only two full size relics and two mini relics. I still need a Pedroia and an Ellsbury full sized, which are apparently harder to find than most. I’ve seen ONE Ellsbury since the product launched and the Pedroia starts around $20. I also need the mini versions of Fisk and Boggs. Getting close. That’s going to be an awesome set when I’m done! Also, remember to check out my GQ list, I’m still looking for about 1/3 of the base cards. If you’ve got any dupes, let me know, we can work something out.

Lastly, I had a minute to fire up the scanner and get rolling on updating my trade bait. I’ve got about 20 full-flatbed scans (yes, I have a large scanner) worth of cards to crop and add to my Trade Bait page. Look for those starting next week. It’ll be updated to include all the autos and relics and other shiny cards I’ve piled up since the beginning of the year, including the loot from a couple TB Drafts. Next week, good stuff.