Just an fyi, 13601 and 36695, you packages went out yesterday. You should have them tomorrow or Monday.

Bargin Box Win

Has anyone else noticed the crazy stuff that’s starting to sneak into the “value” box as Target and/or Walmart?

Maybe it’s just my Target, because I’ve never heard of anyone else running across stuff like this. From the same store that continuously supplies me my ’08/’09 Upper Deck X, last night I found a half dozen packs of 2007 Future Stars and another half dozen packs of SP Authentic. No joke.

I bought a bunch, and this was in pack #1…

$1.59. Sold!

June’s Break Loot

So, Matt over at Cardboard Conundrum was having a huge break this month and I jumped in hoping to finish off my sets for 2012 so far, which I did. Topps Series 1, Series 2, Archives and Gypsy Queen are now, as they say, in the books. Well, as far as base cards go. Heritage is down to a single short print, and I’m still searching out a couple more minis, and two more relics for GQ, but that’s a post for a different time. On to the loot!



WHY?!?! What’s next, let Papi walk, trade Ellsbury and resign Daisuke?!?! WTF front office. WTF.

I mean, I know he’s hurt 95% of the time, but damn, his OBP is ridiculous. Hasn’t Ben read Moneyball. What does Youk do? He gets on base. All. The. Time.

Come on! At least get more for the guy than two AAA leftovers and some cash. That’s just ridiculous.

Blog Housekeeping

Not that it affects any of you in any way, but my last post was #1750. That’s not a significant number outside of it being just something I wanted to point out. After 1750 posts, and 12 years, for the first time I’m turning on page caching. That’s a good thing. I got a friendly email from my host last night that a significant increase in traffic to my site over the last six months has also increased load times and server resource usage. And it was legitimate usage as well, not some runaway script or resource hogging plugin. That means you fine folks are visiting, and visiting often.

I’m not going to insinuate that I know what I’m doing, or that I’m any sort of blog expert. I would also never bore you to death with self-aggrandizing posts about how to have a “popular” blog. That’s all horse shit. No pretentious crap here, no patting myself on the back for keeping at something long enough to “not suck”.

I simply wanted to say thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who reads any of this. Thank you to the random people who just stop by from other blogs. Thank you to faithful and regular readers. Thank you for indulging my idiosyncrasies and politically and socially incorrect ramblings for this long. You guys are awesome.

That is all. Forward unto dawn.