Registry: Part 2

This morning Lauren and I registered at Dillard. I think I can say with some safety that it wasn’t as “fun” as Bed Bath & Beyond. Mainly because at Dillard’s you don’t get a cool scanner gun to point at things. You get a wedding consultant instead who’s job it is to walk around behind you and write down everything you like. Which, is fine by me, less work and all, but you can’t really discuss the finer points on china patterns in front of complete strangers. Picking out things like that is a personal decision between bride and groom and it’s always easier to have those “do we like this or not” discussions in private. Thats not to say that she was in our faces in anyway, quite the contrary, she was very nice. I just wanted a cool scanner to play with. 🙂

Thankfully we can make changes to this registry online as well. Heck, you can even shop for everything on the registry online too. That makes it two stores in a row. You guys aren’t going to have to leave your houses to buy anything! Cool huh? Next up is Target which I’m figuring we’ll get to next week some time. We still need to find sheets/linen/bedroom stuff that we like, a coffee pot, towels and a few other random things.

After registering Lauren took me out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The breakfasts are always tasty there. Now we’re back home and she’s working on homework downstairs and I’m looking up random things on installation art for a test this afternoon. I have a 3 page essay-style test this evening in my 6:00 history class. I hate that kind of thing. It means I have to spruce up on my BS skills instead of actually studying. Also, being 3 pages is a bit extreme for some of the questions she gave us. The one I’m going with is: “discuss the roll of immersion as it applies to installation art”. Meaning basically, how do you draw in the audience and suspend their disbelieve? It’s kind of an open ended question since the entire basis for installation art is about the “experience” rather than the art object itself and being immersed in an environment is 110% about the “experience.”

Lets see. Oh ya, saw this over at Evil Avatar:

“Valve Software sends along a short statement…
Half-Life 2 will be shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.”

I think I’m gonna cry. ::sniffle::

That would be the sequel to one of the greatest (if not the best) game of all time. Sure, Doom broke new ground in the FPS category. Quake refined it into an art… but Half-Life made it famous. Half-Life raised the bar in terms of quality, game play, story, action, everything. Everyone expects Doom 3 to be the end-all of FPS games, the prefect game. I predict we’ll see 10 times the game-play out of HL2. Doom is nice and all, but id Software has never been more than “accepting” of the mod/fan community. They’re slow to release source code and more often than not those games have only a few playable (read: good) mods and community projects. Half-Life on the other hand, has single handedly reinvented the way that system works. We’d never have Counter-Strike, the largest multi-player game in existence, without HL. And thats something to be thankful for. I personally can’t wait for this one. It’s gonna be good.

Computer problems no longer (we hope)

Well, it seems that my bizarre computer game crash/system lockup issue was solved my a uninstall/reinstall of motherboard drivers. A quick check of the Device Manager mentioned that the “SM Bus Controller” was unidentified. I thought that was a tad odd so I googled it and found out what a SM Bus Controller was. After that it was a quick hop to nVidia to get the latest nForce drivers and bada-bing, problem solved. So far everything has been working alright. FPS’ers haven’t crashed and everything else seems to be doing alright as well.

Besides random computer stuff, not much going on. Today was Easter and after church we had a little shin-dig over here at Lauren’s apartment. We had some tasty ham, potato salad, green bean casserole and other such dishes. It was really tasty and I ate myself into a stomach ache. Afterwards we all took a nap, or tried to, until Hallie came over and then we all sat around and talked for a little while. At the moment Lauren is taking the nap she missed out on a few hours ago and I’m checking my email.

This week I don’t have any critiques personally but I’ve got to continue shooting for next week. I’d like to get at least one really large shoot done out here at the apartments during the week and one next weekend. I need about 10 images for each class (PV2 and Fashion). The usual going rate on a roll of 36 is about 5 “keepers” so that translates into at least 4 rolls. Piece of cake. Now to find people to take pictures of. I’m planning on continuing my fashion/punk/Sopranos style series. To illustrate I’ll mention what I took last time. I had Jason (my roommate) dress up in a stylish suit and carry a creepy hitman style briefcase around in dramatic lighting. Did I mention Jason has blue hair? So, blue hair + stylin’ suit + creepy mob look results in some pretty cool pictures. I’d like to get Nagle out here and see if he’d be willing to play the part as well, only minus the blue hair. Maybe have Nagle chasing Jason? I’d also like to involve Keith as a “bad guy” as well. He has that creepy look going for him. Anyway, that’s my plan.

That’s about it for me. Oh ya, I’ve started screen capturing my desktop for no particular reason. This is going to be a reoccurring event so get used to it. 🙂


Matt out.

Registering: Part 1

A most interesting day we had today. Lauren and I took a few hours and went over to Bed, Bath & Beyond and starting the wedding registry process. I actually have to admit that it was a lot of fun. Basically, we got to wonder around the store with a scanner-gun and scan things that we thought we might need in our new married life. Mostly it was things that the “average household” has that we didn’t. Things like a toaster oven and pots and pans. One of the coolest things about BB&B is that we can alter, update and add-to our registry list online and you (friends and family) can actually shop online for said items and not have to go to the actual store. You can check out our list by going here and putting in either Lauren’s full name or mine. You should then get a short list of matching names. Simply select the two of us and there you go. We plan to register at Dillard’s, Target and a few places yet to be determined, so don’t think that this list is “it”. I’ll let you know as we get further into the process.

Also, tomorrow is a mini-historic event. I’m getting my hair cut. Yup, cut. Not trimmed or “cleaned up” but really cut. Think Matt circa 1999. That whole, shorter, Conan O’Brian-ish look. Also known in high-school as Matt’s “wave” or “quaff”. I’ve had longer hair for a little over a year (?) now and it’s time for a change. My original reason for growing it long was simply to try it. I hadn’t had it that long since freshman year of high-school and then it went far beyond that. I’ve had a pony-tail or similar length twice since then and it’s simply time for another change. I enjoyed the long hair, it was fun. It’s also effectively summer here in GA and having long hair is already starting to make my head hotter than need be. So, there you have it.

Oh ya, Winamp 2.91 is out. Enjoy.

Matrix on 6 Disks?

There’s an article on IGN about the new “Enter the Matrix” game that comes out next month. It mentions information from an Infogrames rep that the GameCube, Xbox and Playstation 2 versions will be on two disks and have a normal retail price while the PC version will come on 6 disks in a double DVD case and cost “more”. While the number isn’t mentioned I could venture a guess that it’ll be $79 or $89. That’s the usually price for “collectors editions” of big name titles (diablo 2, civ 3, quake 3, etc).

That’s all well and good but unless theres some extra features and a serious increase in graphics quality, I’m still not willing to pay that much for a game. Seriously, what’s on those extra disks? And why make a 6 disk action game in the first place? What good would there be to have 4 Gigs worth of game installed? I’m sure you could reuse a texture or two here and there. Hell, Morrowind is one of the “biggest” games I’ve ever seen (in terms of world size and game play) and it comes on one disk and looks impressive.

From what I’ve read it seems to be a whole mini-movie all on it’s own. All the actors did voices for the game, the directors “directed” the games production and the graphics are supposed to be nifty.

I’m worried that it’s still just Max Payne, only done correctly this time. I’ll of course reserve my personal final judgment for when I actually play the game but I’m really crossing my fingers thats it not some really expensive marketing ploy just to make people go to the movie. Hopefully they’ve made the game an entity on it’s own. We’ll see.


A federal judge on Monday rejected class-action status for more than 60 consumer lawsuits pending against Microsoft, but allowed a more limited lawsuit alleging overpricing to proceed.

According to the ruling issued by U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz in Maryland, Microsoft would not have to face a class-action consumer lawsuit because it would be difficult to identify a group of plaintiffs who would be considered typical buyers of Microsoft’s software.

Huh? Difficult to identify Microsoft customers? Try looking at 90-95% of the world’s computers. That should be a good place to start. Moron.

Story @ CNet