A most interesting day we had today. Lauren and I took a few hours and went over to Bed, Bath & Beyond and starting the wedding registry process. I actually have to admit that it was a lot of fun. Basically, we got to wonder around the store with a scanner-gun and scan things that we thought we might need in our new married life. Mostly it was things that the “average household” has that we didn’t. Things like a toaster oven and pots and pans. One of the coolest things about BB&B is that we can alter, update and add-to our registry list online and you (friends and family) can actually shop online for said items and not have to go to the actual store. You can check out our list by going here and putting in either Lauren’s full name or mine. You should then get a short list of matching names. Simply select the two of us and there you go. We plan to register at Dillard’s, Target and a few places yet to be determined, so don’t think that this list is “it”. I’ll let you know as we get further into the process.

Also, tomorrow is a mini-historic event. I’m getting my hair cut. Yup, cut. Not trimmed or “cleaned up” but really cut. Think Matt circa 1999. That whole, shorter, Conan O’Brian-ish look. Also known in high-school as Matt’s “wave” or “quaff”. I’ve had longer hair for a little over a year (?) now and it’s time for a change. My original reason for growing it long was simply to try it. I hadn’t had it that long since freshman year of high-school and then it went far beyond that. I’ve had a pony-tail or similar length twice since then and it’s simply time for another change. I enjoyed the long hair, it was fun. It’s also effectively summer here in GA and having long hair is already starting to make my head hotter than need be. So, there you have it.

Oh ya, Winamp 2.91 is out. Enjoy.