There’s an article on IGN about the new “Enter the Matrix” game that comes out next month. It mentions information from an Infogrames rep that the GameCube, Xbox and Playstation 2 versions will be on two disks and have a normal retail price while the PC version will come on 6 disks in a double DVD case and cost “more”. While the number isn’t mentioned I could venture a guess that it’ll be $79 or $89. That’s the usually price for “collectors editions” of big name titles (diablo 2, civ 3, quake 3, etc).

That’s all well and good but unless theres some extra features and a serious increase in graphics quality, I’m still not willing to pay that much for a game. Seriously, what’s on those extra disks? And why make a 6 disk action game in the first place? What good would there be to have 4 Gigs worth of game installed? I’m sure you could reuse a texture or two here and there. Hell, Morrowind is one of the “biggest” games I’ve ever seen (in terms of world size and game play) and it comes on one disk and looks impressive.

From what I’ve read it seems to be a whole mini-movie all on it’s own. All the actors did voices for the game, the directors “directed” the games production and the graphics are supposed to be nifty.

I’m worried that it’s still just Max Payne, only done correctly this time. I’ll of course reserve my personal final judgment for when I actually play the game but I’m really crossing my fingers thats it not some really expensive marketing ploy just to make people go to the movie. Hopefully they’ve made the game an entity on it’s own. We’ll see.