Well, it seems that my bizarre computer game crash/system lockup issue was solved my a uninstall/reinstall of motherboard drivers. A quick check of the Device Manager mentioned that the “SM Bus Controller” was unidentified. I thought that was a tad odd so I googled it and found out what a SM Bus Controller was. After that it was a quick hop to nVidia to get the latest nForce drivers and bada-bing, problem solved. So far everything has been working alright. FPS’ers haven’t crashed and everything else seems to be doing alright as well.

Besides random computer stuff, not much going on. Today was Easter and after church we had a little shin-dig over here at Lauren’s apartment. We had some tasty ham, potato salad, green bean casserole and other such dishes. It was really tasty and I ate myself into a stomach ache. Afterwards we all took a nap, or tried to, until Hallie came over and then we all sat around and talked for a little while. At the moment Lauren is taking the nap she missed out on a few hours ago and I’m checking my email.

This week I don’t have any critiques personally but I’ve got to continue shooting for next week. I’d like to get at least one really large shoot done out here at the apartments during the week and one next weekend. I need about 10 images for each class (PV2 and Fashion). The usual going rate on a roll of 36 is about 5 “keepers” so that translates into at least 4 rolls. Piece of cake. Now to find people to take pictures of. I’m planning on continuing my fashion/punk/Sopranos style series. To illustrate I’ll mention what I took last time. I had Jason (my roommate) dress up in a stylish suit and carry a creepy hitman style briefcase around in dramatic lighting. Did I mention Jason has blue hair? So, blue hair + stylin’ suit + creepy mob look results in some pretty cool pictures. I’d like to get Nagle out here and see if he’d be willing to play the part as well, only minus the blue hair. Maybe have Nagle chasing Jason? I’d also like to involve Keith as a “bad guy” as well. He has that creepy look going for him. Anyway, that’s my plan.

That’s about it for me. Oh ya, I’ve started screen capturing my desktop for no particular reason. This is going to be a reoccurring event so get used to it. 🙂


Matt out.