This morning Lauren and I registered at Dillard. I think I can say with some safety that it wasn’t as “fun” as Bed Bath & Beyond. Mainly because at Dillard’s you don’t get a cool scanner gun to point at things. You get a wedding consultant instead who’s job it is to walk around behind you and write down everything you like. Which, is fine by me, less work and all, but you can’t really discuss the finer points on china patterns in front of complete strangers. Picking out things like that is a personal decision between bride and groom and it’s always easier to have those “do we like this or not” discussions in private. Thats not to say that she was in our faces in anyway, quite the contrary, she was very nice. I just wanted a cool scanner to play with. 🙂

Thankfully we can make changes to this registry online as well. Heck, you can even shop for everything on the registry online too. That makes it two stores in a row. You guys aren’t going to have to leave your houses to buy anything! Cool huh? Next up is Target which I’m figuring we’ll get to next week some time. We still need to find sheets/linen/bedroom stuff that we like, a coffee pot, towels and a few other random things.

After registering Lauren took me out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The breakfasts are always tasty there. Now we’re back home and she’s working on homework downstairs and I’m looking up random things on installation art for a test this afternoon. I have a 3 page essay-style test this evening in my 6:00 history class. I hate that kind of thing. It means I have to spruce up on my BS skills instead of actually studying. Also, being 3 pages is a bit extreme for some of the questions she gave us. The one I’m going with is: “discuss the roll of immersion as it applies to installation art”. Meaning basically, how do you draw in the audience and suspend their disbelieve? It’s kind of an open ended question since the entire basis for installation art is about the “experience” rather than the art object itself and being immersed in an environment is 110% about the “experience.”

Lets see. Oh ya, saw this over at Evil Avatar:

“Valve Software sends along a short statement…
Half-Life 2 will be shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.”

I think I’m gonna cry. ::sniffle::

That would be the sequel to one of the greatest (if not the best) game of all time. Sure, Doom broke new ground in the FPS category. Quake refined it into an art… but Half-Life made it famous. Half-Life raised the bar in terms of quality, game play, story, action, everything. Everyone expects Doom 3 to be the end-all of FPS games, the prefect game. I predict we’ll see 10 times the game-play out of HL2. Doom is nice and all, but id Software has never been more than “accepting” of the mod/fan community. They’re slow to release source code and more often than not those games have only a few playable (read: good) mods and community projects. Half-Life on the other hand, has single handedly reinvented the way that system works. We’d never have Counter-Strike, the largest multi-player game in existence, without HL. And thats something to be thankful for. I personally can’t wait for this one. It’s gonna be good.