Well, today I had a

Well, today I had a mildly interesting morning. Steve, my Dad and myself all drove down to a Government Surplus Auction in Mass. We didn’t come home with anything unfortunatly. Apparently, this perticular auction has “price limits” and if the minimum isn’t met, the car isn’t sold. So, tons of people weren’t bidding on cars since they wanted lower prices and the auctioneer kept on saying “sorry, too low, can’t do it” and moving to the next car. The average going price was about $5000 and Steve only had $1500 so things were a bit out of our price range.

Now, I’m actually about to jump in the shower and head off to Steve’s baseball game. He’s pitching tonight against arch-rival Nashua. It should be interesting. I’m also tagging along in hopes of some free food afterwards… but of course I’m there for family support above all… umm, sure I am… *cough*

I also got into an interesting debate about some recent world news topics. Basically I think that siding with “the plege of allegance is unconstitutional” stance is stupid. I’ll try not to get into this too deeply because I could talk forever about this. Basically my stance is this: if the argument is that your rights have been infringed and you think you’re child is being made of believe in God, you’re a self centered prick. I’m pro Pledge. I have my reasons. Mainly because it’s stupid to infridge on others people right to believe or not to believe in something. Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean the rest of us have to suffer. And vise-versa. Has anyone mentioned to these people that only 26 states receit it and of those states NONE of them require participation on the part of the students? So, your kid has every right to sit at his/her desk and not say a word. That’s doesn’t mean that the kid next to’em doesn’t have the right to stand up and show respect for they’re country. Oh, and if you don’t like this country, leave. It’s as simple as that. Leave. There’s plently of other places to live on this planet and no one’s holding a gun to your head and making you stay here. I’m sure you won’t find a country with as many freedoms anywhere else on the earth. This entire debate is stupid and useless. I could go on forever but I won’t. Stupid people piss me off. I wish a had a stick and free range it hit stupid people with it. “Matt’s Stupid People Stick” they’d call it. Ahhh, that would be nice indeed.

That sneaky little blithering rectal

That sneaky little blithering rectal wart. I just called my local cable office and asked what happened to the cable guy. I was told that he wasn’t supposed to come today, but that he was infact supposed to come “tomorrow.” Now, notice that the word “tomorrow” is in quotes. Why? Because at 11:59pm, it becomes a rather loose term. I was talking to tech support “around midnight” and apparently was not informed that “tomorrow” was not the same “tomorrow” as when I began my tech support conversation. So, according to the local office, my request for support was processed at 12:04am and that “tomorrow” means Wednesday June 26th. I of course felt stupid and appologized for making an assumption when I shouldn’t have but I was corrected and was told that tech-support should have clairified they’re statement. None-the-less, it doesn’t really get my cable modem fixed tonight does it? Hopefully it will be working “tomorrow”. End Quotes.

Holy shit! What a surprise!

Holy shit! What a surprise! The cable guy didn’t come! You know, you reschedule an entire day around the promise of someone coming, and they never even show up. I can only assume that one of their house calls earlier in the day took an inordinate amount of time and they simply “didn’t get to me.” Little does that stop me from calling in the next half hour to bitch, moan and complain. I hate it when I have to hand-hold tech support people, especially when it’s their damn job. Last night for instance, I had to actually explain to the 1st Tier tech what a MAC address actually was. That is, until I got transfered to Tier 2 and actually got to talk with someone who knows something.

Oh well. Tomorrow (*crosses fingers*) it should be resolved. As for today, I finished installing the network card on my parents machine and setup their network stuffages in preparation for what never came. Then I went and grabbed lunch with Dave and Chip. It was tasty.

I’m also currently looking for something new to play computer game wise. I’ve played and beaten nearly every game that’s been released in the past 6 months. I know WarCraft III is due out but I never really enjoyed the first two in the series so I’m not really waiting pins and needles for that one. After that I’m looking forward for Unreal Tournament 2003 which is due out next month. But that’s only one game. That certainly won’t last me all summer. I need entertainment damn it. I don’t like massive, multiplayer online games or really complicated RPGs. I have this thing against paying to play games I’ve already paid to own. I have this other thing against story lines so thick they could be Tom Clancy books. But I do require a story line, not just gore, blood and violence. Damnit, I need another Half-Life, Operation Flashpoint or a Civ III. I’d even take another SimGolf at this point. Whatever. It’s time for dinner. I think we’re having steak. Tasty.

Well, the cable modem isn’t

Well, the cable modem isn’t quite there yet, so this is coming to you strait off a good’ol dial-up. I called tech support last night after the modem hadn’t resolved itself in the 12 hours it had been plugged in. I off-handly mentioned that no one at any point had taken the modem’s MAC address (an important step in having a working cable modem). The double checked and indeed there wasn’t on on record. After I gave it to them they said they’d be able to tell almost instantly if the modem was reaching the server. It was not. They said that they had fixed the account and that everything was setup correctly but the modem simply wasn’t getting the signal. I asked what could be done about it and they said they would have to send a tech out tomorrow (that being today). So, the cable guy is supposed to come between 3 and 5 this afternoon, no doubtedly to do some signal strength tests of my cable lines. I’m a little bit worried about that since, if I’m remembering correctly, we kinda ghetto-wired my room about two years ago. So, the “cable outlet” in my room is probably no more than a piece of cable from the basement with a face plate slapped on it. I can’t exactly move these computers to a different room and I have no intentions of rewiring the house for this thing so I hope the cable guy can find a simpler alternative.

Anyway, yesterday I ran around and got bits and pieces of cable and whatnot so I could actually pull this transition off. I’ve gotta thank Dave for lending my a nifty server sized 30 port hub and some Cat-5 cable. Thanks Dave!

Speaking of Dave, allegedly we’re all supposed to go out to lunch today. Sort of a “geeks unite, we’re all hungry” sort of thing. I think we might be getting chinese but I’m not sure. After that I’m coming home to wait for the cable guy and to try and call the Cabinet again. Thats about it.


Today I’ve actually got some

Today I’ve actually got some stuff to do. I’m going to give the photographer at the Milford Cabinet a call and see if he needs some help. I’m also going to call Adelphia and get a cable modem. Hopefully by the end of the day I can be surfing in style. I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot. I’ve also got to look for a cheap hub and/or router, some cat-5 cable and a network card for my parents computer. My system is all good to go, just plug it in and it’ll work. There’s on the other hand, has never felt the awesome power that is anything above a dialup. So, we’ve got to change that.

And off I go.