That sneaky little blithering rectal wart. I just called my local cable office and asked what happened to the cable guy. I was told that he wasn’t supposed to come today, but that he was infact supposed to come “tomorrow.” Now, notice that the word “tomorrow” is in quotes. Why? Because at 11:59pm, it becomes a rather loose term. I was talking to tech support “around midnight” and apparently was not informed that “tomorrow” was not the same “tomorrow” as when I began my tech support conversation. So, according to the local office, my request for support was processed at 12:04am and that “tomorrow” means Wednesday June 26th. I of course felt stupid and appologized for making an assumption when I shouldn’t have but I was corrected and was told that tech-support should have clairified they’re statement. None-the-less, it doesn’t really get my cable modem fixed tonight does it? Hopefully it will be working “tomorrow”. End Quotes.