Holy shit! What a surprise! The cable guy didn’t come! You know, you reschedule an entire day around the promise of someone coming, and they never even show up. I can only assume that one of their house calls earlier in the day took an inordinate amount of time and they simply “didn’t get to me.” Little does that stop me from calling in the next half hour to bitch, moan and complain. I hate it when I have to hand-hold tech support people, especially when it’s their damn job. Last night for instance, I had to actually explain to the 1st Tier tech what a MAC address actually was. That is, until I got transfered to Tier 2 and actually got to talk with someone who knows something.

Oh well. Tomorrow (*crosses fingers*) it should be resolved. As for today, I finished installing the network card on my parents machine and setup their network stuffages in preparation for what never came. Then I went and grabbed lunch with Dave and Chip. It was tasty.

I’m also currently looking for something new to play computer game wise. I’ve played and beaten nearly every game that’s been released in the past 6 months. I know WarCraft III is due out but I never really enjoyed the first two in the series so I’m not really waiting pins and needles for that one. After that I’m looking forward for Unreal Tournament 2003 which is due out next month. But that’s only one game. That certainly won’t last me all summer. I need entertainment damn it. I don’t like massive, multiplayer online games or really complicated RPGs. I have this thing against paying to play games I’ve already paid to own. I have this other thing against story lines so thick they could be Tom Clancy books. But I do require a story line, not just gore, blood and violence. Damnit, I need another Half-Life, Operation Flashpoint or a Civ III. I’d even take another SimGolf at this point. Whatever. It’s time for dinner. I think we’re having steak. Tasty.