Well, today I had a mildly interesting morning. Steve, my Dad and myself all drove down to a Government Surplus Auction in Mass. We didn’t come home with anything unfortunatly. Apparently, this perticular auction has “price limits” and if the minimum isn’t met, the car isn’t sold. So, tons of people weren’t bidding on cars since they wanted lower prices and the auctioneer kept on saying “sorry, too low, can’t do it” and moving to the next car. The average going price was about $5000 and Steve only had $1500 so things were a bit out of our price range.

Now, I’m actually about to jump in the shower and head off to Steve’s baseball game. He’s pitching tonight against arch-rival Nashua. It should be interesting. I’m also tagging along in hopes of some free food afterwards… but of course I’m there for family support above all… umm, sure I am… *cough*

I also got into an interesting debate about some recent world news topics. Basically I think that siding with “the plege of allegance is unconstitutional” stance is stupid. I’ll try not to get into this too deeply because I could talk forever about this. Basically my stance is this: if the argument is that your rights have been infringed and you think you’re child is being made of believe in God, you’re a self centered prick. I’m pro Pledge. I have my reasons. Mainly because it’s stupid to infridge on others people right to believe or not to believe in something. Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean the rest of us have to suffer. And vise-versa. Has anyone mentioned to these people that only 26 states receit it and of those states NONE of them require participation on the part of the students? So, your kid has every right to sit at his/her desk and not say a word. That’s doesn’t mean that the kid next to’em doesn’t have the right to stand up and show respect for they’re country. Oh, and if you don’t like this country, leave. It’s as simple as that. Leave. There’s plently of other places to live on this planet and no one’s holding a gun to your head and making you stay here. I’m sure you won’t find a country with as many freedoms anywhere else on the earth. This entire debate is stupid and useless. I could go on forever but I won’t. Stupid people piss me off. I wish a had a stick and free range it hit stupid people with it. “Matt’s Stupid People Stick” they’d call it. Ahhh, that would be nice indeed.