Well, the cable modem isn’t quite there yet, so this is coming to you strait off a good’ol dial-up. I called tech support last night after the modem hadn’t resolved itself in the 12 hours it had been plugged in. I off-handly mentioned that no one at any point had taken the modem’s MAC address (an important step in having a working cable modem). The double checked and indeed there wasn’t on on record. After I gave it to them they said they’d be able to tell almost instantly if the modem was reaching the server. It was not. They said that they had fixed the account and that everything was setup correctly but the modem simply wasn’t getting the signal. I asked what could be done about it and they said they would have to send a tech out tomorrow (that being today). So, the cable guy is supposed to come between 3 and 5 this afternoon, no doubtedly to do some signal strength tests of my cable lines. I’m a little bit worried about that since, if I’m remembering correctly, we kinda ghetto-wired my room about two years ago. So, the “cable outlet” in my room is probably no more than a piece of cable from the basement with a face plate slapped on it. I can’t exactly move these computers to a different room and I have no intentions of rewiring the house for this thing so I hope the cable guy can find a simpler alternative.

Anyway, yesterday I ran around and got bits and pieces of cable and whatnot so I could actually pull this transition off. I’ve gotta thank Dave for lending my a nifty server sized 30 port hub and some Cat-5 cable. Thanks Dave!

Speaking of Dave, allegedly we’re all supposed to go out to lunch today. Sort of a “geeks unite, we’re all hungry” sort of thing. I think we might be getting chinese but I’m not sure. After that I’m coming home to wait for the cable guy and to try and call the Cabinet again. Thats about it.