I just realized that my RSS feeds were only showing excerpts. Sorry about that. I don’t know how that got changed. For anyone reading my blog via RSS feeds, they should now display the entire post correctly (including images if your reader supports that). Sorry for the mix up.

Quick Site Update

I did a little rearranging this morning and decided that the home/intro page wasn’t really serving any purpose in it’s current form. Having a list of “featured” posts that was out of date and a completely separate “blog” area seemed redundant. So, for as long as I’m using this theme, I decided to condense a little bit. The main page is now the blog and the blog page now redirects back to here. I used a 301 redirect plugin so that legacy links out there won’t break. So, if you’re seeing this and used a URL with /blog/ in it, feel free to update your bookmarks. I also increased the number for posts per page and did some general maintenance (upgrades, etc) behind the scenes. Let me know if anyone runs into any trouble.

End of the Blockade

For quite a long time now I’ve been blocking search engines. Mostly just to cut down on blog spam. I realized that while it’s easy to stay in my own little bubble, it really doesn’t make much sense. The point of a blog is an outward opinion, shared with the masses. A voice in the crowd that you can call your own. No one is trying to change the world or anything, but on rare occasions I’ve been known to make valid points. Why hide those from the world? So, from this day forward, this blog is no longer blocking itself voluntarily from the world. No more shelter, no more quite corner of the internet. If you’ve recently discovered this blog, than welcome. I hope you enjoy the nearly 10 years of randomness I’ve been known to produce. Also, please feel free to share the site, link to it from your own blog (which I hope many of you are already doing) and make liberal use of the discussions and comments. This also means a slight reduction in the highly personal posts, which, let’s be honest, are pretty scarce anyway. Don’t worry, ranting and raving will still be in fine form, that’s not going anywhere.

Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring this blog, I’m taking submissions from anything vaguely related to my interests. Anything hobby related, computer, video game, sports, food or entertainment. Bandwidth isn’t as cheap as it used to be. Please contact me if you feel like your company would be a good match for sponsorship or if you have anything you’d like reviewed. I do that as well.

Matt out.

//insert Reel Big Fish song, you know which one…

New Theme

Decided to change it up a little bit this week. Picked a new theme for the ol’blog. This one is a little (actually a lot) more minimalistic and feels a little less “corporate” than the old theme. Haven’t completely decided on the link/accent color, but it’ll work for now. I think it stands out a little more than the gray-on-dark-gray from before. I was going to get rid of the front home page all together and really go old school, but figured I’d leave it up just for link consistency sake.

I’m swamped with 10,000 projects, so, well, there’s your update on life. Haven’t played a game, bought a baseball card, or watched a movie in over a month. I’m truly in the dog days of summer around here.

Also, don’t be completely surprised if the theme changes again in the near future. The thing about me and minimal themes is that there’s always new ones I want to try out, so, yeah, that will probably happen.

Matt out.

All Fixed

Fixed a couple compatibility issues and we’re all set again. Man, upgrading to WP 3.2 and dealing with all the TimThumb, jQuery issues is a huge pain. Luckily I had been working on exactly the same thing at work and knew right where to look to fix the problems. Anyway, should be go for now. Carry on.

Isn’t that lovely

Apparently, my theme isn’t compatible with the latest version of WP. Awesome. Ok… umm… here’s a new one. Pardon the dust. This may take a couple days…