I have this thing about seeing incredibly easy to do things that people are charging money for. I can’t stand it when people apply a blue filter to a photo, save it as an action, then sell that action for $10. Drives me right up a wall. I’m a DIY kind of guy, and so my other strange little hobby is actually recreating some of those fairly easy effects. Mostly Photoshop actions and layer styles, Lightroom presets, that sort of thing. When I saw these for $6, and someone on Reddit asking for similar, I knew I had to recreate them. So, 15 minutes later…

XBOX 360 sized version

PS3 sized version

Made with CS5, saved with editable layers. Edit, print and enjoy.

If you’re wondering what on earth these are, they’re case art replacements for Xbox and PS3 games, designed to look like old school Penguin Books book covers. Now you can display your game collection right in the living room and your non-geek friends will think you’ve got a huge collection of classic paperbacks.