Finishing Sets

Man does this feel good. I love crossing stuff off the checklist. Be it huge dents, or desperately needed singles, completing things just feels awesome. I hit up SportLots for the very first time and my experience was very positive.


Feeling Blue

I have a saved search for the phrase “Red Sox Refractor” and randomly I’ll check it for good deals. Mostly it’s stuff I already have, or stuff that’s /5 and way to expensive. The other day however there was a couple of lots of Bowman Chrome and I picked a few up with combined shipping. Chase the rainbow… or catch the wave?


Random Pickups

I don’t really have a theme for any of these, they were just random pickups I’ve forgotten to scan until now. Mostly those “oh, look, it’s at $0.99 and ends in 10 minutes” sorts of things.


Blog Changes

In case you haven’t noticed, or are reading this through a RSS feed reader, the blog got a little update today. There were a bunch of reasons why, but primarily for security. The theme I had been using was full of security holes and old depreciated plugins. I had dodged a couple previous bullets with people trying to hack in but this time I wasn’t so lucky. Someone exploited a PHP hole and injected some evilness into one of my plugins. My host caught it nearly immediately, but in the 3 minutes it was there the person turned off notifications (so I would get emails about new users), registered themselves as an admin, and injected code into just about a half dozen PHP files. I spent most of today cleaning up the mess.

The real kicker is that my passwords are strong, unique, and 30+ characters. My passwords are all different and never reused. WordPress itself was completely up to date, as were the major of the plugins I use. It was the old theme that let them in. They exploited the only hole they could find. Let that be a lesson, nothing is 100%. I installed a couple additional plugins as well, just to help things a long. A security suite that actively bans IP ranges with failed login attempts, as well as one for traffic monitoring and a service for cloud backups.

That leads us to the theme, which is new. Among other things, it allows for some newer bells and whistles. The Cards page now has dropdowns for the sections and the About page has a little CSS trickery, to name a few. I’ll be messing with it more over time.

That’s all for now.