Soooo Busy

I’ve been neglectful in my posting, and I’m actually getting quite annoyed by it. Not at myself for not budgeting my free time, but at work for denying the free time in the first place. It was really a combination of outdated servers, old operating systems, an IT department that botched a PHP upgrade, and some depreciated WordPress plugins that has led to a perfect storm of woe. I’ve been waist deep in “emergency repair” to my companies intranet for nearly two weeks now.

I basically had to scrap 1200 documents in a “downloads” system, install a new one, and reupload and RELINK all 1200 files again. It’s been a nightmare. Needless to say, by the time I get home each night, the last thing I want to look at is a computer screen.

I’ve got at least 6-7 posts worth of cards scanned, including my Ginter master team set from Topher, and I just haven’t gotten around to posting any of them. I also have one pending trade to negotiate, and two “I’m sending you cards” packages all packed up, just sitting on my desk. I’m a terrible person.

I will, eventually, get all this back on track, but it might not be until September that I get back on a regular posting schedule. Duty calls, and the webmaster answers!

Best Monday Ever

I was fortunate enough to have tickets to the Red Sox – Astros game Monday night. I decided to take the day off work and make a whole event out of it. It was my belated Father’s Day present and I had a blast.


Random July Pickups

So, August is here, and that mean I can retrospectively look back at what I picked up in July. This year July was pretty quiet, not only lacking in new products to open, but in lack of random things to find online as well. I only picked up a couple things here and there. Mostly those Brock Holt cards I showed off last week, but there were a couple others as well.


Cheap Stuff

Last week my local Walmart decided to rearrange it’s entire card section. It went from a tiny, single shelf near the “self checkout” to an entire isle on the other side of the store, complete with 5 of 6 shelves and a whole new card game section. I could care less about Magic and Pokemon, but having a larger card section is a welcome sight. They clearly didn’t have enough stock at the time to fill it out, so Excell dropped off a metric ton of stuff they were obviously trying to get rid of. The whole section was filled to the gills with $11.99 discount blasters, $2.99 rack packs, and a bunch of those $0.99/1.49 discount pack boxes. I grabbed a couple GQ packs and some random 2009/2010 Bowman stuff that was all marked $2.


Crackin’ Wax’s 10 Box Break

This post is terribly overdue. I’ve been insanely busy, and I’ve had the box that Topher sent me sitting next to my scanner for far too long. Anyway, since Ginter got pushed back this year, and because we all just need to bust something every once in a while, he was having a little 10 box mixer, with random products from the past decade or two. These are the goodies I got for my Red Sox slot.