I have no idea why

Honestly, I have no idea why I do these things. I was at Walmart the other day for random stuff and of course I stopped in the card isle. There was nothing worth buying. That didn’t stop me however. $40 later I’m kicking myself for buying useless junk. I bought one of those “Mega” boxes, even though I got skunked on my last one, because random internet strangers keep saying they find good stuff in them. I bought a rack pack of Prizm because I’m a sucker for shiny cards I don’t need. Lastly I bought 2 or 3 discount rack packs ($2.99) of older stuff like 2010 Bowman, 2008 Upper Deck, etc. It’s all crap. I just wanted to open something. We’ve all been there. I’m not proud of it.


PWE from the Hot Corner

A little while back Pat from Hot Corner Cards mentioned that he was sending out some PWEs and I was the lucky recipient of one.


For starters, he killed it with two very nice Brock Holt parallels for my player collection. I desperately needed the Target Red Border and the gold Bowman is my second which means I can have one in the team set and one in the player collection, as it should be.


Then to top it off, Pat throws in a Nomar mini and a “Post Season Heroes” David Ortiz. The best part of the whole thing, and in reference to the Ortiz card, was Pat’s note…


I laughed out loud at that one and everyone at my office thought I was a crazy person.

Awesome PWE Pat, thank you for the awesome cards!!!

Quick Thanks

Just wanted to say a quick “Thank You” to both Fantastic Catch (Weston) and Hot Corner Cards (Pat). I got packages from both of you and they were both awesome. They’re sitting on my desk in front of the scanner, waiting for just a free moment for posting, but I wanted to say thanks before I got too wrapped up this week. I’ve got all sorts of pans in the fire during the month of December. Lots of freelance work and whatnot. So, again, thank you to both of you, and I’ll be posting about them shortly! 🙂