Trade and Break with the Dimwit

Last week Sam over at the Daily Dimwit had his monthly group break and between now and then we had also arranged a quick trade. Sam’s a closet Rodger Maris fan and a Maris relic was one of the hits I pulled from my only two blasters of Gypsy Queen this year. He combined all my loot into one nice package and I got it yesterday.


Last SP from Crackin Wax

After reading my post about Gypsy Queen last week, Topher from Crackin’ Wax was kind enough to email me and say that he had the last SP I needed in his “Take My Cards” pile. He sent it along with the awesome Buchholz mini. But he didn’t stop there, he also sent along the Sox from his Bowman break the other day, including a really nice Buchholz gold. Now that’s the way to start a set! Thank you sir, that was very kind and much appreciated!

That also officially completes my GQ Red Sox base set. Now it’s just minis and a couple relics to go! Yay!

Artifacts Box

So, Saturday I had a couple packages waiting for me in the mailbox. One was a neat collection of Red Sox stuff from Kyle at JABO that I’ll post about tomorrow, and the other was my contest winning box from Beckett.

For those of you just tuning in, I was randomly selected to win a box of 2007 UD Artifacts. I had left a comment on a video and a couple days later, here we are. So, a big thanks for those guys over at Beckett for making that happen. Clearly they’re pretty much the industry standard for price guides and their grading service and trading forums are nothing to sneeze at either.

Anyway, I fired up the old FlipHD and recorded a quick box opening. Enjoy.


Scans after the break.


Pin for Pedey

Although he only claims he’s “cleaning off his desk”, I’m beginning to think Derek has the world’s largest workspace. I kid, I kid. Another very kind package arrived from my favorite Braves fan and I thought I’d share.

I hadn’t tracked any of these down yet, and they are completely awesome. 2012 Pedroia WS Pin card, 335/736 (what a weird random number), commemorating the ’07 World Series. I think there’s just this one for ’07 and there’s an Ortiz for ’04. Right? Then there’s the Fisk and Rice “retired numbers” manupatch cards as well. I wonder if they’re saving some other retired numbers for Series 2. I would assume so. Other wise, why not just do a #9 card right off the bat.

Either way, back to this one, this thing is awesome. Oh, and he also knocked a solid 30 cards off my Gypsy Queen list! Which, in case anyone else is wondering, can be found here. 124 and counting!

Derek, you are truly finding some awesome stuff. You can clean out your desk any time my friend, any time. 🙂