Shit… it’s 5:30 in the

Shit… it’s 5:30 in the morning… I have to get up for class in 2 hours. I suppose I should sleep huh? I think my comic is done. That’s good right? It sucks… a lot… but it’s done. I’m debating whether or not to skip my 9am class. I think I should… but I don’t remember who many classes I’ve missed so far. I think it’s only 2, but it could be 3. What if it’s 4? Would a few hours sleep really be worth it to fail a class. Skipping class 5 times causes an automatic F. Sucky system we have here at SCAD. I doubt I skipped 4 times tho. It’s a history class, and I usually don’t like to miss history class. But I’m scared that if I don’t go, I’ll fail, cause I honestly can’t remember how many absenses I have. It’s 5am, I’m allowed to ramble damnit. I’ll set my alarm for 7:30. We’ve been having brown-outs lately. If fate steps in and shuts off my alarm for me, then I’ll take that as a sign to sleep. If not, I’ll go to class. There… we’ll let fate decide. Kind of like flipping a coin, only I’m flipping circuit brakers. Joy.

Sleep now. Talk later.

Randomness. Well. Today I bought


Well. Today I bought a new printer. Not because mine old one was broken or anything, but because it was cheaper than replacement ink for my old one. I don’t really see how that can be possible, but there I was, holding $70 worth of print cartridges in one hand and a new HP Deskjet for $50 in the other. Sure, it’s not the newest, greatest model, but it’s still cool. I upgraded to the Deskjet 825c. It’s basically the same printer as my previous one (the 722c) only its much more quiet. That and it was $20 cheaper than new ink by itself. So, now I have a new printer to finish my sequential work on. I should be nice. I bought some “premium photo paper” so it should turn out to bad. Ok, back to work.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, I got the printed at Office Max, I believe they’re having a sale. If you’re in need of a printer, go check it out.


Well. Comics went well today.

Well. Comics went well today. Got 5 out of 7 pages “basically” colored. The other two and the shading will have to wait till tomorrow, I’m too tired to care any more.

I also beat Dungeon Siege. I was rather disappointed in the “we’re ripping off Diablo II” last level and final boss. Sure, it wasn’t exactly Diablo, but it was a large powerful boss in a lava/underworld type dungeon. I’m not sure what to do now. I don’t really want to start a multiplayer game, but I don’t feel I really got my moneys worth yet. Whatever.

Elsewhere in game land, I stumbled across something that was mentioned on the PA message boards. A little Koren (but translated) MMOG that’s Anime style. So far it’s pretty cool. Check it out: Ragnarok.


Hey. Finals are really working

Hey. Finals are really working their stress magic around here so I’ll be brief. Yesterday I did some work in the photo lab and got some of my Poloroid transfers done. They suck, but they’re done. Today I’m working on my comic book. I’m scanning in my pencils and coloring them in Photoshop. It’s going semi-well. I’m getting the basic colors (blue sky, brown dirt, etc) down today and tomorrow I’ll go back in and add definition and shading and stuff like that. I’ve also been feeling pretty crappy. Over-heated, dizzy, stressed, headaches, that sort of thing. It might be related to what Lauren had, but I’m not sure. I could just be crappy allergies or something. I’m not feeling as bad today as I did yesterday. I think it might be air/enviroment related actually. I usually feel the worst when I’ve been around the darkrooms and Lauren usually feels bad after she’s been in her studio. Who knows, maybe it’s just bad air circulating around campus. Anyway, its back to work for me.