Well. Today I bought a new printer. Not because mine old one was broken or anything, but because it was cheaper than replacement ink for my old one. I don’t really see how that can be possible, but there I was, holding $70 worth of print cartridges in one hand and a new HP Deskjet for $50 in the other. Sure, it’s not the newest, greatest model, but it’s still cool. I upgraded to the Deskjet 825c. It’s basically the same printer as my previous one (the 722c) only its much more quiet. That and it was $20 cheaper than new ink by itself. So, now I have a new printer to finish my sequential work on. I should be nice. I bought some “premium photo paper” so it should turn out to bad. Ok, back to work.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, I got the printed at Office Max, I believe they’re having a sale. If you’re in need of a printer, go check it out.