Shit… it’s 5:30 in the morning… I have to get up for class in 2 hours. I suppose I should sleep huh? I think my comic is done. That’s good right? It sucks… a lot… but it’s done. I’m debating whether or not to skip my 9am class. I think I should… but I don’t remember who many classes I’ve missed so far. I think it’s only 2, but it could be 3. What if it’s 4? Would a few hours sleep really be worth it to fail a class. Skipping class 5 times causes an automatic F. Sucky system we have here at SCAD. I doubt I skipped 4 times tho. It’s a history class, and I usually don’t like to miss history class. But I’m scared that if I don’t go, I’ll fail, cause I honestly can’t remember how many absenses I have. It’s 5am, I’m allowed to ramble damnit. I’ll set my alarm for 7:30. We’ve been having brown-outs lately. If fate steps in and shuts off my alarm for me, then I’ll take that as a sign to sleep. If not, I’ll go to class. There… we’ll let fate decide. Kind of like flipping a coin, only I’m flipping circuit brakers. Joy.

Sleep now. Talk later.