Here we go kids… last

Here we go kids… last post before the ‘puter gets packed up. Yesterday went well. I turned in my work for Color class and then headed over to Lauren’s place to get her packed up. It took most of the afternoon but we got a good 65-70% of her apartment moved across town. She’s moving the rest today while I start moving myself. I just dropped the car off to have the AC recharged so I’m without a vehicle at the moment. Hopefully Jason will be up soon and we can got o UHaul and get a truck for the day. I’m a bit behind in packing so I’ll keep this short.

This year has been a great deal of fun, both personally and professionally. I learned so much in Studio and Color class that I’m probably not going to go back to B&W without being reluctant, if I go back at all. All my friends have been great fun and always supportive, which in turn obviously makes them good friends and fun to be around. Lauren was a constant source of inspiration and encouragement and I’m eternally greatful. So much has happened this year that I feel I’m finally stepping in the right direction towards where I’d like the rest of my life to go. Thank you all for reading this, just that alone means so much to me.

Well… it’s time to pack this bad ass up (and yes, this computer IS bad ass) and get moving (pun intended). My mother is flying in tomorrow to help me “move in” and to be a person to talk to while I drive home. I’ll leave Monday morning, drive all day, stop at my aunt’s house, get up Tuesday and finish the drive. So, on Wednesday, if you bitches don’t call me and see if I want to do something… I’ll be very disappointed. Plus the fact that I don’t have you phone numbers (since most of you moved or I lost them) would mean that I can’t call you, so you’ll just have to call me first.

Ok, to everyone here in Savannah, best of luck, take care and I’ll see you in three months. For everyone back home… gimme a few days.


Just had to link this.

Just had to link this. The link was from PA but it’s for EA’s “new” game Battlefield 1942. What I find funny about that one is that I remember seeing shot from that at last years E3 and then again in a PC Gamer issue a few month later. I was excited, I was over joyed. A huge (tribes like) multiplayer game with the balls of Day of Defeat. I’m going to agree with Tycho and mention just how much I can’t wait for this. I knew it was coming after seeing it on a “coming soon” list from when I worked at EB. Well, it may not have been “soon” but I’m glad it’s coming just the same.

Game On.

Two classes down. One to

Two classes down. One to go. And all I have to do for that one is show up. I finished my poloroid emultion lifts yesterday so I’ll I have to do it turn them in. Everything else today went fairly well. I did well on my final test in History and pulled off a B in sequential. With a hopefull “A” tomorrow in Color I should be on the Dean’s List for the 3rd strait year. So, tonight Lauren and I will relax in the most extreme of ways and try and shake off the end of the semester jitters. At some point I’d like to make an attempt at packing but more than likely that’ll be tomorrow and Friday. If all goes well, Jason and I will be totally and completely in our new apartment by Friday night. I’ll probably leave only the bed over here and even that’s a “maybe”, I may just spend the night in the new place. Either way, my mom is flying in on Saturday and I’d like to not have anything left to do. Then I can take Sunday as a “mental” day and start home on Monday. That and moms in general like to buy things for new apartments, so maybe staying Sunday will result in some “mom shopping” for some house-hold goodies. Thats about it. I don’t know when I’m packing this bad boy up, but I’ll let you know with a post before my departure.


Well… things are coming together…

Well… things are coming together… a little. I made an appointment on Friday for my car to have it’s AC recharged for the trip home. That should be good… a nice and frosty car. I just hope there isn’t any secondary complications with it (radiators, heating systems, air filtration). I called around and got some prices so I could get an idea of people trying to high-ball me. The first placed I called said it would be $1300 because they’d have to replace half the air system in the car. The cheapest place I found was actually across the street from that first one and they said they could do it for $100. I’m sure all they’re going to do it refill it with the older freon (freon 12?) and not tell me, but that’s actually what I’d like them to do. I don’t plan on paying $1300 for anything on/in that car, let alone for AC. My ass can sweat for $1300. In the end I made the appointment at the place that was estimating $100.

So, tonight I’ll be working on my emultion lifts and packing. Tomorrow is more packing. Thursday I’ll probably help Lauren pack and start to move. On Friday Jason and I have reserved a U-Haul for the day so we can move all our crap to the new apartment. So I’ll drop off my car in the morning, go with Jason to get the U-Haul, move two blocks, help Lauren move, return the U-Haul, pick up the car and then pass out. It should be FUN! I think I’ll move everything except my bed, which I’ll somehow move on Saturday or Sunday.

Then it’s driving time.

But for now, I think I’ll take a nap, eat some food, then start my photo project. Later.