Hey. Finals are really working their stress magic around here so I’ll be brief. Yesterday I did some work in the photo lab and got some of my Poloroid transfers done. They suck, but they’re done. Today I’m working on my comic book. I’m scanning in my pencils and coloring them in Photoshop. It’s going semi-well. I’m getting the basic colors (blue sky, brown dirt, etc) down today and tomorrow I’ll go back in and add definition and shading and stuff like that. I’ve also been feeling pretty crappy. Over-heated, dizzy, stressed, headaches, that sort of thing. It might be related to what Lauren had, but I’m not sure. I could just be crappy allergies or something. I’m not feeling as bad today as I did yesterday. I think it might be air/enviroment related actually. I usually feel the worst when I’ve been around the darkrooms and Lauren usually feels bad after she’s been in her studio. Who knows, maybe it’s just bad air circulating around campus. Anyway, its back to work for me.