Dispite wanting an adventure, it

Dispite wanting an adventure, it seems like I’m destined to have only a smaller version of it. The “rents” are dead set against a bus. Completely and overwelmingly against it. They’d rather have me fly. Now, I appreciate their consern, but the plane ticket would be twice the price and they wouldn’t be able to help me out in buying it. So, they want me to take the more expensive, more nerve-wracking, method of travel but are not going to be able to help with the extra cost or metal anguish I’d put myself through if I flew. Great. But, as far as they’re concerned, a plane is still faster and safer and I should just quit my worrying. To demonstrate this, they book a flight for my father for next week to come down. I again tell them it’s completely unnessisary to no avail. I can feel myself working up towards “one of those fights” were I leave and don’t speak to them for a decade. I love’em, but they’re really annoying sometimes. Anyway, I looked up plane tickets on both AirTran and Travelocity and the cheapest I could find was $230, round-trip, Boston to Houston. I would stll leave the 19th, still be home after New Years, but for some reason they have less of a problem with that then a bus. My mom obviously didn’t like the idea of me being gone for the season, but she gave me the backhanded guilt trip of “if it’s really what you want…” I dunno. Lauren and I will figure out some way of getting me to Texas for the holidays. If only her damn family wasn’t leaving the 22nd. Thats the worst possible day they could have picked. Arg. Oh well, that ones out of my control. I’ll just have to work around and and my folks are going to have to deal with it.

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Well, I wanted an adventure,

Well, I wanted an adventure, and now I might have one. Seeing as how another plane crashed today, not terrorist related, but disheartening none the less, I don’t see how flying to and from TX at this point would be “ok” with anyone, let alone with myself. Nonetheless, I’m determined to somehow get to Texas over break. You see, Lauren’s parents were originally going to go on vacation to Colorado the week after x-mas, and I was invited. That unfortunately didn’t work out and now they’re going from the 22nd till the 30th. That was kinda crappy since it covered both my birthday and x-mas. Lauren and I however, have stumbled apon a low cost alternative to flying: a Greyhound bus. The only catch being that, well, it’s a bus, AND that I would still not be in NH for the holidays. Now, the cheapest fair would be around $130, which is really good, and would have me leaving the 18th or 19th and returning on the 3rd. So, I would be missing both the holidays and my birthday. I have a sneaking suspicion that my family won’t like that very much.

Lets break down the good/bad:

-Seeing Lauren for the holidays
-Getting to ski in Colorado (a life long dream)
-Getting to “see the country” on my way there
-Getting to take pictures of my experiences
-Not paying for it

-Wouldn’t be “home” for the holidays
-Wouldn’t be able to work over break (thus having no $)
-Traveling for 4 days on a bus (2 out, 2 back)
-Buses are “sketchy” at best
-Would leave for school as soon as I got back

So, gimme some feedback here kids. I’d like some second opinions. I’m in heavy favor of going. I think I’d like the adventure AND I’d get to see Lauren. But, there’s some downsides to every up side. Lemme know whatcha think, I’m interested. Later

As I am very caffinated

As I am very caffinated at the moment, I think I’ll take time to reflect. The reason for this is the occasional personal evaluation that one goes through when they’ve reached points of emotional, social or educational poignancy. A “how’s my life doing” sort of thing. As I’m looking at my life, I see that I’m very happy, that I’m very loved, that I’m doing well in school and in general. I have my health, I have well being. I have all those good things with the exception of one. Experience. I don’t mean things that you can put on a resume or show to others. Lemme explain. This whole feeling started after I was told, yet again, that I “needed” someone to drive back to NH with in a few days. I don’t “need” anyone to make the drive with me. I’m a perfectly capable person and can take care of myself long enough to make it home. At least I would hope so. I’m not unappreciative of the company, but I simply wanted the “experience” of making the drive on my own. Let me go deeper. All of my life I’ve lived in the same town, known the same people, done the same things. Now I’m in a new place, at school, but I can feel myself finding a comfortable routine again. The same things, the same town, the same school. Now, lemme mention that I don’t want to change anything about what I have. I love my friends, my school, my girlfriend in particular. All I’d like to do is to have that one nifty adventure. Just one. The one that you tell your grandkids about. You see, I’m feeling left out. I’ve never gone anywhere outside of the eastern sea board by myself (thats not completely true, I did go to TX, but that doesn’t help me prove my point). Point is, I’m jealous of Nick, Chris, Josh and any of my other friends who have been able to take that step and see whats out there. For example, Nick, one of my very good friends, has become quite the traveler. He’s visited the northwest, Savannah to visit me, Alaska to work for the summer, and now he’s visiting Ireland with Nicky for two weeks before backpacking across Europe, spending New Years in Galway and working on computer games over in England. Chris, my best friend, has driven to Washington DC on a whim to see DJs play, gone to Seattle to interview at Microsoft and otherwise has very good luck at finding extremely high paying flexible jobs. My cousin Megan is studying abroad in Spain, working as a designer for magazine. So one and so forth. You see what I’m getting at? Anyway, my goal in life has always been to experience it in it’s fullest, to have a good time, and to take some kick ass pictures along the way. I feel like I’m ready to pull out of the rest area on the highway of life. I’ve got my girl, my camera and I’m ready for some adventure.

As a post script, I’d just like to reiterate how much I do enjoy the company of everyone in my life, and this wanting for an adventure in no way relates to wanting to “get away” from anyone or anything. My friends and girlfriend are truly the most important things in my life, and I’d like for them to know that. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all go on an adventure together?

From PlanetXbox AND PlanetHalo: Q:What

From PlanetXbox AND PlanetHalo:

Q:What platforms will Halo be developed for, and in what order will they be released?

A:Halo will be developped for the Microsoft X-Box, the PC and Macinstosh . The X-Box version of Halo will be released first to promote the release of the X-Box, with subsequent versions of PC and Mac following shortly thereafter.

Halo on Xbox Release Date: November 15th, 2001.
Halo on PC & Mac Release Date: Early 2002

Q:Why does it Halo’s packaging say “Only on Xbox” on it? Are they not releasing PC/Mac versions?!

A:There will be Xbox, PC and Mac releases of the game. It has been stated and re-stated by Bungie many times, but some people still don’t believe it. “Only on Xbox” is much like movies advertise themselves as “only in theaters”, it’s just to promote the Xbox. I’ll quote Bungie’s Matt Soell to confirm this: I will take this opportunity to remind the more easily shaken members of the community that THERE WILL BE MAC AND PC VERSIONS OF HALO, no matter how many posts you might see from malicious dolts who “confirmed with a Bungie developer that Mac Halo is dead” or whatever. Don’t let anonymous jerks ruin your day with lies.

YAH!!! Now all I need is a computer upgrade 🙂

When you browse web sites

When you browse web sites now a days you have to expect some level of crap ads. Today however, I did see one that caught my eye. It was an ad for http://www.pc4free.cjb.net . Now, it was advertising a free* pentium 4 system. I was slightly interested and decided to click. I was reading further into the site and finally came across the catch. You get a free system from them and in return, they send you monthly surveys for marketing reasons and tons of junk mail. That and you have to pay a small setup fee. $25-$100 I think, depending on what you get from them. Now, it would seem to me that this company was seriously hosing people for marketing data. BUT, that you could also hose them in return. It’s simple. They made the mistake of opening payment to “PayPal” and Money Orders. All you need to open a Pay Pal account is a valid email address, and you can create a fake one over at hotmail in no time. So, you create a real but fake email address, get a paypal account, send a money order with your fake name on it to paypal, then order your system with your fake name and pay for it with the fake account. Then all you have to do is get the system send somewhere other than where you live. Like a buisness you work for, a PO Box or something to that end. The PO Box would probably be the easiest since you could simply close it and disappear. True, thats a few hoops to jump through, and I’d never actually bother setting all that up to rip off a company thats ripping other people off, but I thought the idea was interesting just the same. But hey, if you get bored and feel the need to “get one back for the little guys” or just “do some damage to the system” then there ya go.