As I am very caffinated at the moment, I think I’ll take time to reflect. The reason for this is the occasional personal evaluation that one goes through when they’ve reached points of emotional, social or educational poignancy. A “how’s my life doing” sort of thing. As I’m looking at my life, I see that I’m very happy, that I’m very loved, that I’m doing well in school and in general. I have my health, I have well being. I have all those good things with the exception of one. Experience. I don’t mean things that you can put on a resume or show to others. Lemme explain. This whole feeling started after I was told, yet again, that I “needed” someone to drive back to NH with in a few days. I don’t “need” anyone to make the drive with me. I’m a perfectly capable person and can take care of myself long enough to make it home. At least I would hope so. I’m not unappreciative of the company, but I simply wanted the “experience” of making the drive on my own. Let me go deeper. All of my life I’ve lived in the same town, known the same people, done the same things. Now I’m in a new place, at school, but I can feel myself finding a comfortable routine again. The same things, the same town, the same school. Now, lemme mention that I don’t want to change anything about what I have. I love my friends, my school, my girlfriend in particular. All I’d like to do is to have that one nifty adventure. Just one. The one that you tell your grandkids about. You see, I’m feeling left out. I’ve never gone anywhere outside of the eastern sea board by myself (thats not completely true, I did go to TX, but that doesn’t help me prove my point). Point is, I’m jealous of Nick, Chris, Josh and any of my other friends who have been able to take that step and see whats out there. For example, Nick, one of my very good friends, has become quite the traveler. He’s visited the northwest, Savannah to visit me, Alaska to work for the summer, and now he’s visiting Ireland with Nicky for two weeks before backpacking across Europe, spending New Years in Galway and working on computer games over in England. Chris, my best friend, has driven to Washington DC on a whim to see DJs play, gone to Seattle to interview at Microsoft and otherwise has very good luck at finding extremely high paying flexible jobs. My cousin Megan is studying abroad in Spain, working as a designer for magazine. So one and so forth. You see what I’m getting at? Anyway, my goal in life has always been to experience it in it’s fullest, to have a good time, and to take some kick ass pictures along the way. I feel like I’m ready to pull out of the rest area on the highway of life. I’ve got my girl, my camera and I’m ready for some adventure.

As a post script, I’d just like to reiterate how much I do enjoy the company of everyone in my life, and this wanting for an adventure in no way relates to wanting to “get away” from anyone or anything. My friends and girlfriend are truly the most important things in my life, and I’d like for them to know that. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all go on an adventure together?