Dispite wanting an adventure, it seems like I’m destined to have only a smaller version of it. The “rents” are dead set against a bus. Completely and overwelmingly against it. They’d rather have me fly. Now, I appreciate their consern, but the plane ticket would be twice the price and they wouldn’t be able to help me out in buying it. So, they want me to take the more expensive, more nerve-wracking, method of travel but are not going to be able to help with the extra cost or metal anguish I’d put myself through if I flew. Great. But, as far as they’re concerned, a plane is still faster and safer and I should just quit my worrying. To demonstrate this, they book a flight for my father for next week to come down. I again tell them it’s completely unnessisary to no avail. I can feel myself working up towards “one of those fights” were I leave and don’t speak to them for a decade. I love’em, but they’re really annoying sometimes. Anyway, I looked up plane tickets on both AirTran and Travelocity and the cheapest I could find was $230, round-trip, Boston to Houston. I would stll leave the 19th, still be home after New Years, but for some reason they have less of a problem with that then a bus. My mom obviously didn’t like the idea of me being gone for the season, but she gave me the backhanded guilt trip of “if it’s really what you want…” I dunno. Lauren and I will figure out some way of getting me to Texas for the holidays. If only her damn family wasn’t leaving the 22nd. Thats the worst possible day they could have picked. Arg. Oh well, that ones out of my control. I’ll just have to work around and and my folks are going to have to deal with it.

Current Mood: tired and crappy