When you browse web sites now a days you have to expect some level of crap ads. Today however, I did see one that caught my eye. It was an ad for http://www.pc4free.cjb.net . Now, it was advertising a free* pentium 4 system. I was slightly interested and decided to click. I was reading further into the site and finally came across the catch. You get a free system from them and in return, they send you monthly surveys for marketing reasons and tons of junk mail. That and you have to pay a small setup fee. $25-$100 I think, depending on what you get from them. Now, it would seem to me that this company was seriously hosing people for marketing data. BUT, that you could also hose them in return. It’s simple. They made the mistake of opening payment to “PayPal” and Money Orders. All you need to open a Pay Pal account is a valid email address, and you can create a fake one over at hotmail in no time. So, you create a real but fake email address, get a paypal account, send a money order with your fake name on it to paypal, then order your system with your fake name and pay for it with the fake account. Then all you have to do is get the system send somewhere other than where you live. Like a buisness you work for, a PO Box or something to that end. The PO Box would probably be the easiest since you could simply close it and disappear. True, thats a few hoops to jump through, and I’d never actually bother setting all that up to rip off a company thats ripping other people off, but I thought the idea was interesting just the same. But hey, if you get bored and feel the need to “get one back for the little guys” or just “do some damage to the system” then there ya go.