Wheeee! I’m done my 3D

Wheeee! I’m done my 3D final. It sucks. A lot. But it’s done. I don’t really give a shit about the class or the assignment, but I’ll probably get an A or B on it anyway. I also picked up my matte board and worked on my digital final. So… for the next 6 days, all I have to do is slide a few prints into already cut frames and print out a final version of my digital piece. Ah, life is good. Now… if only I wasn’t broke.

You know it’s sad when you walk around your room thinking “I wonder what I can pawn?” I think I might get ride of some more CDs when I’m home on break. I have a collection of around 300, but I only listen to 70 or so. The rest are things like old Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, that kind of early 90’s crap. I think I can get a few bucks for them at Newbury Comics. We’ll see.

Whoops… got to run. Gotta jump in the shower and get downtown to Lauren’s. Later.

Ok, a proper post this

Ok, a proper post this time. Things in Color went well. I did fairly well on my test, got some work done and reprinted a picture I noticed a mistake in. After that I rewarded myself with Chex Mix and a soda. Yah. I guess I’m still sitting here typing because I really don’t want to go home. Going home means going back to more work. It also means going home to bills that haven’t been paid, a dirty kitchen, no clean clothes and a computer thats become to slow. Poop. There is an upside though, tonight Lauren invited me over for dinner. Yah! Lauren is really pretty good in the kitchen and usually whips up something very tasty. My stomach thanks her. Otherwise I’d be eating waffles and frozen burger patties tonight. Probably combined together in a “waffle-burger sandwhich.” Which, if you’re broke like me, can be quite tasty if you’re hungry enough. Oh well. Time to go I suppose. Later.

What a gray day it

What a gray day it is. Damn the weather. I’m broke. Damn money. My knees hurt. Damn the Milford High Ski Team for four years of athletic abuse. My knuckle is sore. Damn my 3D carving tools. I have to go to the mall to pick up my matte board. Damn the mall and damn retail. Most importantly… Damn the man. Damn him for taking my money, damn him for creating momuments to commerce like the mall, damn him for my lack of effort in this post today. :-p

Arg. Fucking Civ III. Damn

Arg. Fucking Civ III. Damn it to hell. See, the problem with that game is not that its addicting, but that it’s aggrivating in an addicting way. See, it’s a trun based game, meaning, if you want to do something (move a guy, build a city etc) you have to wait to do it. Thats aggrivating. You need to “just get that guy there” or “just finish this one building” … then you’ll stop. Or not. I hate addicting games. I don’t have the time to play them. So… why am I playing Civ III. Because I wanted to see if I’d like it, so I’d have something to do over break… but I got sucked in early. Must stop playing. Must finish finals this week. Must… try… to… resist…