Well, I wanted an adventure, and now I might have one. Seeing as how another plane crashed today, not terrorist related, but disheartening none the less, I don’t see how flying to and from TX at this point would be “ok” with anyone, let alone with myself. Nonetheless, I’m determined to somehow get to Texas over break. You see, Lauren’s parents were originally going to go on vacation to Colorado the week after x-mas, and I was invited. That unfortunately didn’t work out and now they’re going from the 22nd till the 30th. That was kinda crappy since it covered both my birthday and x-mas. Lauren and I however, have stumbled apon a low cost alternative to flying: a Greyhound bus. The only catch being that, well, it’s a bus, AND that I would still not be in NH for the holidays. Now, the cheapest fair would be around $130, which is really good, and would have me leaving the 18th or 19th and returning on the 3rd. So, I would be missing both the holidays and my birthday. I have a sneaking suspicion that my family won’t like that very much.

Lets break down the good/bad:

-Seeing Lauren for the holidays
-Getting to ski in Colorado (a life long dream)
-Getting to “see the country” on my way there
-Getting to take pictures of my experiences
-Not paying for it

-Wouldn’t be “home” for the holidays
-Wouldn’t be able to work over break (thus having no $)
-Traveling for 4 days on a bus (2 out, 2 back)
-Buses are “sketchy” at best
-Would leave for school as soon as I got back

So, gimme some feedback here kids. I’d like some second opinions. I’m in heavy favor of going. I think I’d like the adventure AND I’d get to see Lauren. But, there’s some downsides to every up side. Lemme know whatcha think, I’m interested. Later