Hey there kids. It’s Sunday,

Hey there kids. It’s Sunday, which means there’s only 2 more days until I leave. Well, give or take a few hours. Here’s the run down. Tomorrow, I have class until 2ish, then I immediatly head to the airport to pick up my Dad who’s flying in at 2:30. Then we’ll probably come back here, change the busted headlight in my car and relax for a little bit. Lauren’s coming over after that and we’ll all make some dinner. Then it’s packing time. Tuesday, probably mid-morning, we’ll leave for home. We’ll drive all day Tuesday and get as far up the coast as we can. Wednesday we’ll get up and finish the drive. Usually, if we don’t hit bad traffic, we get home around dinner time on Wednesday. Thursday’s Thanksgiving and you know the rest. So, there ya go, that’s the driving schedule.

I don’t know when I’ll be packing up the ‘puter tomorrow so I’m not sure if I’ll update again. But, you know me, if I don’t, I will as soon as I get home. So, I should probably take a minute to say a few things, for all my Savannah peeps.

Lauren, I love you, so very much, it’ll only be 20 days, then I’ll be in CO with you and we’ll be skiing. Huzah! It’ll be fun, trust me.

Jason & Pete, it’s been a great 3 months and it’ll be a great year and a half after this I’m sure. I appologize for being anal about keeping everything picked up… wait, no I don’t. Clean your shit up!!! Hehe. But really, for all the bitching and moaning I do, it’s all just blowing off steam, you guys are great roommates.

Nagle & Sean, it’s been fun. Thanks for the movies, I really appreciate it. Now if only you’d get an apartment, or at least a car, we’d all be visiting more often :-p

The photo kids, have fun, I’ll see ya in Studio. If someone checks out my RB-30, heads will roll!

I guess that’s it. All you crazy NH kids, hold on to your hats, Matt’s coming back to town. Later. (And maybe more from the road if you’re lucky)

Current Mood: Jazzed about leaving Savannah, Bumed about leaving Lauren.

Three things: First. I went

Three things:

First. I went to see “The Heist” with Nagle this afternoon. Awesome flick. I was still broke, but Nagle said he’d cover me. And that was cool of him. Thanks Nagle. The movie was pretty bad ass. It was directed by David Mamet, who’s known for his “twists” and bizare, choppy dialog. The film follows a number of crooks, played tremendously by Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Delroy Lindo and Ricky Jay, who are trying to get away with “a heist” (duh). The ending, which you think is happening about halfway through the movie, has more twists than the massacusettes shore line. Which, coinsedently, the movie was shot on. I kept laughing every time I saw a Mass State Trooper, blue squad car and all, trying to find Hackman. Anyway, the movie is definatly worth seeing, but remember to pay attention. If you miss bits of dialog, you’ll be lost completely and have to see it again.

Secondly. I’m not going to rush to judgments, because maybe Chris can explain this to me… BUT WINDOWS DELETED MY PVD!!! I kid you not. I start up the machine about 2 minutes ago to type this very post and I get the usually Win2K black screen, you know, the one you get when you shut the system down wrong and it wants to run ScanDisk. Well, this one wasn’t running ScanDisk. It wanted to run a “check”. That was it, no explanations. So, I immediately thought “Virus!” and shut it off. I started the computer again to see if I could get it into safe mode and figure out what the hell it was doing. This time it went immediately into its “check”. I got worried. Then it started listing off files that it was deleting. Now I’m in a complete panic. It didn’t delete anything useful though and I couldn’t stop it. I kept saying that I needed to do it because it wanted to check what was there against what it though should be there. So, it finishes, the Win2k logo pops up, then the logon, then the desktop. I open my eyes. I quickly check everything I can to make sure nothing horrible has happened. I can’t find anything. Then, I remember the files that it was listing off and immediately check my MP3 folder. Yup, sure enough, everything was there except the 2 PVD concerts I downloaded a few days ago. WTF??? Someone better tell me what just happened. Cause if my computer starts deleting techno, it’s going out the window.

Thirdly, and if that wasn’t enough, I got trounced in my Civ III game. Sure, it’s completely meaningless and has nothing to do with real life, but the computer kicked my ass and I’m pissed about it. If any of you have played RISK or any of the Civ games, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. See, I was doing fine, had a nice little country going. Then the other countries started demanding that I give them things. For no reason other than they wanted them. At one point, the Greeks wanted “Mathematics”, “Physics”, “Nationalism” and 250 gold, AS A GIFT!! Of course I said no. Next thing I know, Greece, Japan, Egypt AND Indian have all signed a treaty and are trying to kick my ass. That’s the WHOLE CONTINENT against me, for those of you who are keeping score. Needless to say, I lost bad. Maybe when I get home I’ll give it another shot, since obviously, that attempt didn’t go so well. Poop.

Oh well. As for tonight, I’m not quite sure what we’re doing, but Lauren’s coming over any minute and we’ll have some dinner. After that, who knows. We’ll think up something. Ok, gotta run, I’ve got to re-download some PVD. Later.

Ah, max’in and relax’in, it’s

Ah, max’in and relax’in, it’s what I’m good at. Last night was more of the same fun. Lauren brought over a pizza from a place we hadn’t tired and the movie “Pollock”. The pizza was ok, but the movie was pretty good. It’s not a “happy” movie so I wouldn’t watch it if you’re looking for laughs. But if you’re interested in the artist Jackson Pollock or you like really good acting on the part of Ed Harris, then check it out. We also made homemade ChexMix durring the movie, enough to keep us in snack mix for at least a few days. I think the idea was to have enough to make the drive(s) home with. Mmm, tasty. Oh, and I also got my photos into the frames. The only thing left to do is print my digital thing and that would only take a moment. I think I might toy around with a few other ideas as well and maybe try and out-do myself.

As for today, Lauren’s gone shopping with the girls up in SC and I’m just hanging out. I’m supposed to do something with Nagle this afternoon, but he just found out that he has to work the front desk (he’s an RA) from 12:30-2, so I don’t quite know what we’ll be able to do. Lauren’s coming home soon after that and I wanted to have dinner with her. So that leaves me a scant few hours to hang out with my bud. Oh well, I suppose I’ll figure out something to do between now and then.

In other news, Chris is on his way home for turkey, family, and his new shinney X-box. He’d better let me play it when I get up there. Speaking of “playing” I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to the Sandra Collins show with him. Nothing will stand in my way for Sasha and Digweed, but a visit from the grand parents might prevent me from seeing Sandra Collins. Dunno. We’ll see. But I’ll do my best to wiggle out of it.

Chris is also apparently loaded and is making me quite gelous. His damn high paying techie jobs give him to much disposable cash. Nah. I’m just pokin’ at him. I will be gelous if he gets a new Jeep, a new PC and a DJ turntable set all in the same sentence. Then I’ll have to drive to VT just to kick his ass and steal his stuff. Hehehe.


I’m sorry, a DBZ HalfLife MOD is the lamest thing possible. I don’t understand how anyone could like or follow that show and making a game out of it is just simply stupid. Yet I link it anyway. Odd.

Want some random release dates for bands that you might not have heard of? Right Here.

Thats about it. Nothing interesting goin’ on in the world of the web today. Later.

Hey. I had some fun

Hey. I had some fun last night, hanging out with Lauren. We were both tired and stressed and relaxing last night helped a lot. Tonight I think we’ll do more of the same. Probably some pizza and a movie, that sort of thing. As for the moment, I’m gonna play a little Civ III, finish matting my pictures for Color class and take a shower, though I’m not sure in what order any of that will happen. Sorry to keep it brief but I’m hungry and I think I’m going to go make some lunch. Later.

Well, I’ve had quite the

Well, I’ve had quite the day. To start with, last night, Lauren asked me if I would like to help out with a volenteer program called MOPS. It’s for “Mother Of Preschoolers” who need a day off. Its something Lauren volenteers at regularly but they needed extra help taking care of the kiddos this week. So at 6:30 I got up, drove downtown to meet Lauren and Hallie and headed off. It was actually quite fun. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be much help since I don’t exactly know a lot about kids. I know they cry and drool, but beyond that I’ve only met a few who were mild tempered. I was pleasently surprised today though. We were taking care of the 2 years olds and there was about 6 of them. They were really pretty well behaved and only cried for a few minutes when their moms left. Other than that they laughed and played and I had a good time playing game with them as well. Kids rule… well, unless they’re “screamer” which we luckily didn’t have.

After getting home, Lauren and I decided we were hungry and headed around the corner to the pizza joint. We split a chicken calzone and it was quite tasty. So tasty in fact, that I have a second calzone waiting in the fridge for dinner tonight. I also got to play the old Galaga arcade machine they had in the corner. I soundly trounced the high score before our meal came. I’m a dork, I know it.

After that I headed back home to grab my 3D project and headed to class to turn it in. The teacher seemed pleased with it and even donated some spray acrilic to finish it off with. So, I finished up that, turned it in and headed home.

Lauren should be calling me shortly and we’ll probably head to the mall since she has some shopping to do. After that I plan to come home, eat my calzone and go to sleep. I’m tired. I got up at 6:30 today and 7 yesterday and I didn’t exactly go to bed early on either night. So, it’s time to catch up on some sleep. Later.