Ah, max’in and relax’in, it’s what I’m good at. Last night was more of the same fun. Lauren brought over a pizza from a place we hadn’t tired and the movie “Pollock”. The pizza was ok, but the movie was pretty good. It’s not a “happy” movie so I wouldn’t watch it if you’re looking for laughs. But if you’re interested in the artist Jackson Pollock or you like really good acting on the part of Ed Harris, then check it out. We also made homemade ChexMix durring the movie, enough to keep us in snack mix for at least a few days. I think the idea was to have enough to make the drive(s) home with. Mmm, tasty. Oh, and I also got my photos into the frames. The only thing left to do is print my digital thing and that would only take a moment. I think I might toy around with a few other ideas as well and maybe try and out-do myself.

As for today, Lauren’s gone shopping with the girls up in SC and I’m just hanging out. I’m supposed to do something with Nagle this afternoon, but he just found out that he has to work the front desk (he’s an RA) from 12:30-2, so I don’t quite know what we’ll be able to do. Lauren’s coming home soon after that and I wanted to have dinner with her. So that leaves me a scant few hours to hang out with my bud. Oh well, I suppose I’ll figure out something to do between now and then.

In other news, Chris is on his way home for turkey, family, and his new shinney X-box. He’d better let me play it when I get up there. Speaking of “playing” I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to the Sandra Collins show with him. Nothing will stand in my way for Sasha and Digweed, but a visit from the grand parents might prevent me from seeing Sandra Collins. Dunno. We’ll see. But I’ll do my best to wiggle out of it.

Chris is also apparently loaded and is making me quite gelous. His damn high paying techie jobs give him to much disposable cash. Nah. I’m just pokin’ at him. I will be gelous if he gets a new Jeep, a new PC and a DJ turntable set all in the same sentence. Then I’ll have to drive to VT just to kick his ass and steal his stuff. Hehehe.


I’m sorry, a DBZ HalfLife MOD is the lamest thing possible. I don’t understand how anyone could like or follow that show and making a game out of it is just simply stupid. Yet I link it anyway. Odd.

Want some random release dates for bands that you might not have heard of? Right Here.

Thats about it. Nothing interesting goin’ on in the world of the web today. Later.