I’m not quite sure how

I’m not quite sure how to begin. How does someone describe one of the greatest events of their lifetime? I’ve seen DJs, I’ve seen “elecronic artists” but nothing could have prepared me for the jaw dropping, life altering experience of Sasha & Digweed. I don’t know how to describe it. I can only offer a metaphor or a comparison. If you’ve seen Frank Sinatra from the front row, then you’ve experienced greatness. If you’ve seen Babe Ruth bat, you’ve seen greatness. If you personally shook hands with JFK, you’ve seen greatness. If you’ve seen Sasha and Digweed bring Boston to it’s knees, then you my friend, have seen greatness. I can’t sum up the entire event into words. The normal “it was awesome” response certainly underplays it’s magnitude. From the center of the dance floor, where Chris and I were, the world was a vibrating, flashing, muti-colored blur. The bass resonated in your chest and from the floor and the high-end went past the realm of human hearing. 6 hours of music. 6 hours of moving, jumping, dancing. Went it was all over my feet couldn’t move. I had to sit down before getting up to leave. I was tired, sore, drenched in sweat, but I was happy. I had seen the two greatest DJs to ever walk the plant. If there was techno royalty, these two would be reigning kings, emperors. Its going to take several days to fully describe this to you guys, and I’ll do my best, I promise. But know this: If God likes music, he must love Techno because I was in heaven.

Tickets to Sasha & Jonh Digweed: $50
Gas to Boston: $12
Scratching #2 off life’s to-do list: Priceless

Happy Turkey Day people! I

Happy Turkey Day people! I don’t know about you, but I’m freakin’ full. As is tradition, the whole Perry clan assembles in Saugus Mass for a day long celebration of joke telling, food and disfunctionality. What fun! But really, I was good to see the relatives. In short enough doses they can be almost pleasent to be around.

Anyway, tomorrow I head over to Lee & Keiths house (those family friends) to house sit for the week. I’ve been told I’ll receive $100 plus food money. Pretty sweet. All that and they have a bitch’en house to boot. Hint, solid marble bathroom with jaquzii (sp?). Anyway. I’ll be there tomorrow, then on Saturday, I’ll go get Chris, hang out for a bit, then head into Boston for what is probably going to be the best show in my lifetime. Yippee.

Oh, and before I forget. Chip, Josh, Nick and everyone else. I don’t know the phone number where I’ll be, but I will have my phone on me. YOU will have to call ME. I don’t know the number for Chip & Derricks apartment, I don’t know Josh or Nick’s number at school. So, you guys will have to find me. Anyway. If you don’t remember my cell phone number, leave a message in this posts comment section and I’ll try and get it to you. Although I don’t really know how I’ll do that without an internet connection. I got a better idea. How about you call me here at home and leave it on the machine. I’ll get it that way. I’ll stop by here every other day or so and my folk will be home too. They can give you my number as well.

Besides all that, I’m starting to miss Lauren already. It’s been two days and I’m already lonely. I need my Lauren. Good news though. My parents will pay for the other half of the ticket AND I might have enough money for computer parts AND a camera. Things are looking up. I’ll let you know. I think I’ll wait till after x-mas to find out what Santa will be bringing before I run off and buy things I might get. Just in case.

Ok, time to run. Happy Thanksgiving guys. Take car of yourselves.

Well kids, I’m home early.

Well kids, I’m home early. There?s a whole story behind this one. Ok, so we left out around 7am yesterday, stopped for breakfast at the diner and then got on the highway. The dreded i95 into the Northeast Corridor. The drive wasn’t that bad. The whole way though, my Dad was trying to practice this speech he has to give tonight and Lodge and hinted about how he’d like to be home to sleep in is own bed instead of stopping and then going strait to the meeting when he got home today. So, the decision was made to drive strait through. This was before Washington DC. The hellish capital of our country. I say hellish only because the traffic situation around that city is maddening. Honestly. The problem with DC is not the city itself, but that Baltimore is connected to it by a series of beltways and parkways. And since Baltimore is above DC, you can’t avoid one and not the other. So, around DC we go and smacked right into 5pm commuter traffic between the cities. And there we sat until 7:30. After we finally got around Baltimore we decided to get off i95 and take i81 and i70, which run parallel to i95 up the coast. This was frightening. It was a two lane highway, under construction (rt 3 style) and the speed limit was 70mph. I was fearing for my life. Anyway. Somewhere around Scranton PA we stopped for dinner and changed out drivers. We had been doing that the whole way so we wouldn’t get tired. At this point, I took the opportunity to try out AMP, Mt Dew’s new energy drink that Lauren had purchased for me before I left Savannah. From there we drove up into the inky blackness that are the Shanadoa Mountains and didn’t come down until the end of Pennsylvania. On and on we went, constantly thinking about how much worse it would be today with all of the holiday travel. Some time around Worchester, my Dad took over again and finished the last leg of the trip. We pulled into the driveway, blurry eyed and tired sometime around 4:30. I think I was asleep by 4:32. Anyway. I’m home. Huzah!

I?m not quite sure I’m really happy about being home though. The family, not mine, but the extended family, has become much more dysfunctional over the years, my friends, with the exception of a few, won’t be around and my girlfriend is 1500 miles away. Unpleasant. Oh, did I forget to mention that the Canadian relatives were coming for a visit and I probably wouldn’t be in my own bed. How nice. Enough bitching though. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I should be thankful. I’m thankful for family, the non-dysfunctional ones, for good friends, for the love of my life, for my health (relatively, I think I’ve got a cold) and for the opportunity to visit my love for Christmas.

Switching topics randomly. This week should be an interesting one. Today I relax. Tomorrow I eat. Friday I have to drive to Mass to drop off relatives at Logan airport and then go to that friend of the families and start house sitting (hmm, maybe Chris can stop by after Sandra Collins and tell me how it was), Saturday is the biggest concert event of my life and possibly on Sunday I plan on collapsing in a heap of over-activity. Oh well. Then I house sit for a week, then I’m home for two weeks, then I hopefully leave for Texas. My parents don’t like it, but if they were in my place, they’d probably do the same thing. After that, I go skiing for a week, have Christmas, fly home, drive to Savannah and on the 8th of January, I start class again. Which reminds me, I’ve got to change my schedule a little bit. But anyway.

Oh, last thing. I won’t have access to a phone line as much as I’d like, so, email will probably be hard to come by from me for the next month or so. My parents don’t want my computer set up here, I’m sure the people I’m house sitting for won’t want it there, and then I leave. So, If I disappear for a month, I’m very very sorry. Its not my fault. These silly people won’t get a cable modem. Ok, so if I don?t talk to you or see you, have a great holiday season, I know I will. Take care my friends. And try not to get into to much trouble.

Ok, I’ll be brief. It’s

Ok, I’ll be brief. It’s 9:30 Monday night. I have to pack. We’re leaving at 8am. I’ve just learned that on Friday, I’ll be house sitting. This was an obligation that I didn’t know I’d have. BUT, I will make a few bucks. Which is good. Unfortunatly, there are two downsides. First, I’m sorry Chris, but I won’t be able to see Collins on Friday night. Digweed is still in of course. AND I won’t have complete access to an internet connection for the whole time. I will check in at least once a week. But it won’t be regular until a week or so after thanksgiving. But, this does mean we’ll have a close by location to go to on Saturday night/Sunday morning before Chris flys out. Anyway. I’ve gotta run. I’ll be home soon… and after thanksgiving I’ll be house sitting for about a week. I’ll have my cell phone. Call me and stop by to visit. I’ll be bored. Ok. Later.