Three things:

First. I went to see “The Heist” with Nagle this afternoon. Awesome flick. I was still broke, but Nagle said he’d cover me. And that was cool of him. Thanks Nagle. The movie was pretty bad ass. It was directed by David Mamet, who’s known for his “twists” and bizare, choppy dialog. The film follows a number of crooks, played tremendously by Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Delroy Lindo and Ricky Jay, who are trying to get away with “a heist” (duh). The ending, which you think is happening about halfway through the movie, has more twists than the massacusettes shore line. Which, coinsedently, the movie was shot on. I kept laughing every time I saw a Mass State Trooper, blue squad car and all, trying to find Hackman. Anyway, the movie is definatly worth seeing, but remember to pay attention. If you miss bits of dialog, you’ll be lost completely and have to see it again.

Secondly. I’m not going to rush to judgments, because maybe Chris can explain this to me… BUT WINDOWS DELETED MY PVD!!! I kid you not. I start up the machine about 2 minutes ago to type this very post and I get the usually Win2K black screen, you know, the one you get when you shut the system down wrong and it wants to run ScanDisk. Well, this one wasn’t running ScanDisk. It wanted to run a “check”. That was it, no explanations. So, I immediately thought “Virus!” and shut it off. I started the computer again to see if I could get it into safe mode and figure out what the hell it was doing. This time it went immediately into its “check”. I got worried. Then it started listing off files that it was deleting. Now I’m in a complete panic. It didn’t delete anything useful though and I couldn’t stop it. I kept saying that I needed to do it because it wanted to check what was there against what it though should be there. So, it finishes, the Win2k logo pops up, then the logon, then the desktop. I open my eyes. I quickly check everything I can to make sure nothing horrible has happened. I can’t find anything. Then, I remember the files that it was listing off and immediately check my MP3 folder. Yup, sure enough, everything was there except the 2 PVD concerts I downloaded a few days ago. WTF??? Someone better tell me what just happened. Cause if my computer starts deleting techno, it’s going out the window.

Thirdly, and if that wasn’t enough, I got trounced in my Civ III game. Sure, it’s completely meaningless and has nothing to do with real life, but the computer kicked my ass and I’m pissed about it. If any of you have played RISK or any of the Civ games, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. See, I was doing fine, had a nice little country going. Then the other countries started demanding that I give them things. For no reason other than they wanted them. At one point, the Greeks wanted “Mathematics”, “Physics”, “Nationalism” and 250 gold, AS A GIFT!! Of course I said no. Next thing I know, Greece, Japan, Egypt AND Indian have all signed a treaty and are trying to kick my ass. That’s the WHOLE CONTINENT against me, for those of you who are keeping score. Needless to say, I lost bad. Maybe when I get home I’ll give it another shot, since obviously, that attempt didn’t go so well. Poop.

Oh well. As for tonight, I’m not quite sure what we’re doing, but Lauren’s coming over any minute and we’ll have some dinner. After that, who knows. We’ll think up something. Ok, gotta run, I’ve got to re-download some PVD. Later.