Hey there kids. It’s Sunday, which means there’s only 2 more days until I leave. Well, give or take a few hours. Here’s the run down. Tomorrow, I have class until 2ish, then I immediatly head to the airport to pick up my Dad who’s flying in at 2:30. Then we’ll probably come back here, change the busted headlight in my car and relax for a little bit. Lauren’s coming over after that and we’ll all make some dinner. Then it’s packing time. Tuesday, probably mid-morning, we’ll leave for home. We’ll drive all day Tuesday and get as far up the coast as we can. Wednesday we’ll get up and finish the drive. Usually, if we don’t hit bad traffic, we get home around dinner time on Wednesday. Thursday’s Thanksgiving and you know the rest. So, there ya go, that’s the driving schedule.

I don’t know when I’ll be packing up the ‘puter tomorrow so I’m not sure if I’ll update again. But, you know me, if I don’t, I will as soon as I get home. So, I should probably take a minute to say a few things, for all my Savannah peeps.

Lauren, I love you, so very much, it’ll only be 20 days, then I’ll be in CO with you and we’ll be skiing. Huzah! It’ll be fun, trust me.

Jason & Pete, it’s been a great 3 months and it’ll be a great year and a half after this I’m sure. I appologize for being anal about keeping everything picked up… wait, no I don’t. Clean your shit up!!! Hehe. But really, for all the bitching and moaning I do, it’s all just blowing off steam, you guys are great roommates.

Nagle & Sean, it’s been fun. Thanks for the movies, I really appreciate it. Now if only you’d get an apartment, or at least a car, we’d all be visiting more often :-p

The photo kids, have fun, I’ll see ya in Studio. If someone checks out my RB-30, heads will roll!

I guess that’s it. All you crazy NH kids, hold on to your hats, Matt’s coming back to town. Later. (And maybe more from the road if you’re lucky)

Current Mood: Jazzed about leaving Savannah, Bumed about leaving Lauren.