Ok, I’ll be brief. It’s 9:30 Monday night. I have to pack. We’re leaving at 8am. I’ve just learned that on Friday, I’ll be house sitting. This was an obligation that I didn’t know I’d have. BUT, I will make a few bucks. Which is good. Unfortunatly, there are two downsides. First, I’m sorry Chris, but I won’t be able to see Collins on Friday night. Digweed is still in of course. AND I won’t have complete access to an internet connection for the whole time. I will check in at least once a week. But it won’t be regular until a week or so after thanksgiving. But, this does mean we’ll have a close by location to go to on Saturday night/Sunday morning before Chris flys out. Anyway. I’ve gotta run. I’ll be home soon… and after thanksgiving I’ll be house sitting for about a week. I’ll have my cell phone. Call me and stop by to visit. I’ll be bored. Ok. Later.