We’ll, I’m an idiot. I

We’ll, I’m an idiot. I forgot that I didn’t bring the modem home. Crap. Now I have to wait till January to check my email. Crap. I’ll figure out something. I can’t believe I did that.

Oh well. I’m home at least. House-sitting is over and I’m back in Milford. I did some light cleaning today so that the owners wouldn’t come home to a dirty house and then left around 3.

Elsewhere in the news, congrads go out to my girlfriend for finding a job, although it wasn’t her first choice, it’s a job non-the-less. Huzah! She’ll be clocking in a lot of hours before I show up and I hope it doesn’t wear her out for the trip to CO.

Speaking of which, I’ve been looking up plane tickets and I think this weekend we’ll be purchasing some. It’s only a scant 20 days till I go. I couldn’t be happier.

Ok, I’ve got to set up my own system and stop using the ‘rents. Later kids.

Well, last night I finally

Well, last night I finally got a hold of Chip. Good’ol IRC helped with that one. It’s kinda tough when you don’t have AIM, email or phone numbers, but I gave IRC a shot and luckily Chip, Dave and Jason were on. So, I drove into Milford and hung out with Chip and Dave at Simpro, eventually deciding to go to a movie. I didn’t really care what we saw, so long as I got out of the house and did something. We ended up seeing Harry Potter, which, while being three hours long, wasn’t half bad. It was a good showcase for digital effect however. You simply can’t make magic without CG. The story wasn’t half bad either. It took a little while (at least an hour) to figure out what the story actually was, but it turned out ok in the end. The one thing that bothered me didn’t actually have anything to do with the movie, but the film itself. The actual, physic film that the movie is projected from. The copy at the theater we went to was very badly developed. Being a photography major and having worked with positive films before, I could spot the sections where the film wasn’t properly developed, or at the very least, under-fixed. Chrisp whites started being muddy and yellowish and everything was shifted towards a warmer color cast when the film was under developed. At least thats what I’m guessing happened. Anyway. The movie itself was pretty good, and if you go see it at 10pm on a Wednesday like I did, you can avoid all the little kids who wouldn’t be able to sit through it. Actually, there was a grand total of about 6 people in the theater we were in, including the three of us. Very enjoyable. Movies are always better when you don’t have to listen to the idiots behind you going “I don’t get it”. (That happens a lot in GA, trust me)

So, that leaves me here at the house, sitting on my butt, watching “Wonder Boys” for the third time and wishing that these people had cable. It’s almost over though. Tomorrow night the owners get home and I get to back to MY home and sleep in my own bed again. So, I’m spending most of today picking up what little I’ve disturbed or moved since I’ve been here so that everything is perfect for them when they get back. House sitting was fun, but I’ll be glad to be done with it. Also, the temptation of finally checking my own email again appeals to me above all. I’ll set the ‘puter up when I get home tomorrow and have at it. Ok, nearly dinner time. Later.

I hate dial-ups. With a

I hate dial-ups. With a purple freakin’ passion, I hate them. Every since I knew a faster option was available I’ve hated them. And trying to check a hotmail account on a 56k in the middle of the woods is no exception. Arg. I just wanted to see if Chip had gotten my emails… is that to much to ask. Apparently so. Stupid modem couldn’t actually work could it? Nope. Well, it did last long enough for me to post this. So I guess I can’t complain that much. Anyway. No word from Chip. I called Jason too, but he wasn’t home yet. I’m still trying to figure out Chip’s friggin’ phone number. Arg. And I’m hungry. A hungry Matt is not a happy Matt.

Wow. Tuesday already. The people

Wow. Tuesday already. The people I’m house-sitting for should be home on Friday and I’ll be able to go home to my own bed. How nice. I haven’t even eaten any of their food… yet. Anyway. Last night I back to Milford to have dinner with my folks and to swap cars for today. See, my Mom’s birthday was a few days ago and my Dad’s is the 1st, which means that every car we have (in their names) needs to be inspected within the next couple days. So, I dropped off my gray battle wagon and borrowed my Uncle’s nice shiny Tacoma pickup-truck. Its pretty nice, but the ride is certainly different than a car.

I was asked to drive into Milford and help repaint a ceiling today, but I guess since I just woke up, that it won’t be happening. My Dad is trying to fix up the house so we can sell it after the new year. Something I’m not pleased about but that I can certainly understand. Milford itself has become a shit hole. The people have gotten more “trailer-trashy” and the city just isn’t nice to live in anymore. It’s gone from “the town of Milford” to “the city of Milford, a suburb of Nashua” which is pretty disappointing. On the opposite side it’s kind of sad to see the house I’ve lived in for 20 years be sold. Kind of a security blanket sort of thing. The last thing connecting me to “home”. It’ll be gone. What reason will I have to come back? I was the first to relize it but the last to deal with it. The life you had in jr-high, in high-school, it’s gone, it’ll never come back. Friends move on, move out, get older, get married, have new lives. I always knew it would happen. Way back in high-school I could feel it coming. More people talking about what they were going to do with their lives than talking about what they were going to do on Friday night. Now I’m older, now I’m actually trying to figure out what I’m doing, where I’m going, what friends will be there when I figure it out. I don’t know. I guess I’m figuring it out as I go. But the day that the “for sale” sign goes up on Farley St, will be the day that NH is dead to me. Nothing left to call “home” except where my feet are. Ok, enought depressing myself for the morning, the day has only just begun.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing today. My Dad wanted help with the house, I wanted to sleep, I was trying to get ahold of Chip, I dunno. I guess I’ll give Chip a call at Simpro, that’ll probably be the easiest way. After that, it’s up in the air. Probably some more Civ III, followed by sleep, followed by eating, followed by sleep again. I should look up airline ticket price for my trip to TX. I checked travelocity.com before and Delta had round trip tickets for $270. I think AirTran had one way tickets for $130 ea. We’ll see what I can find. Later.

You know it’s been a

You know it’s been a good concert when you still have hearing loss after the second day. Hehe. Well, sorta. It could just be that my ears are acting funky because of my cold. Which is probably a better explination. Anyway, if you couldn’t guess, Saturday night was the show to end all shows. Chris and I have “lists” of DJs we’ve always wanted to see. While some of the DJs on our list may be different, we both agree that #’s 1 & 2 just got crossed off. There are a scant few DJs would I’d still like to see, but all DJs will be mesured by Saturday’s standard from now on.

1&2: Sasha & Digweed – CHECK
3: Paul Van Dyk – CHECK
4: Paul “I’m an ass” Oakenfold – CHECK
5: Deep Dish
6: Carl Cox – CHECK
8: Sandra Collins
9: Seb Fontaine
10: Nick Warren

Lets see, what else. Oh ya, house sitting is going good. The cats don’t complain much and the house is very nice. I sent Chip an email with my phone number in it since he didn’t have it. Hopefully we can do something this week. I’m getting rather bored. I think I’m going to go fix some breakfast and play some Civ III. Later.