I’m not quite sure how to begin. How does someone describe one of the greatest events of their lifetime? I’ve seen DJs, I’ve seen “elecronic artists” but nothing could have prepared me for the jaw dropping, life altering experience of Sasha & Digweed. I don’t know how to describe it. I can only offer a metaphor or a comparison. If you’ve seen Frank Sinatra from the front row, then you’ve experienced greatness. If you’ve seen Babe Ruth bat, you’ve seen greatness. If you personally shook hands with JFK, you’ve seen greatness. If you’ve seen Sasha and Digweed bring Boston to it’s knees, then you my friend, have seen greatness. I can’t sum up the entire event into words. The normal “it was awesome” response certainly underplays it’s magnitude. From the center of the dance floor, where Chris and I were, the world was a vibrating, flashing, muti-colored blur. The bass resonated in your chest and from the floor and the high-end went past the realm of human hearing. 6 hours of music. 6 hours of moving, jumping, dancing. Went it was all over my feet couldn’t move. I had to sit down before getting up to leave. I was tired, sore, drenched in sweat, but I was happy. I had seen the two greatest DJs to ever walk the plant. If there was techno royalty, these two would be reigning kings, emperors. Its going to take several days to fully describe this to you guys, and I’ll do my best, I promise. But know this: If God likes music, he must love Techno because I was in heaven.

Tickets to Sasha & Jonh Digweed: $50
Gas to Boston: $12
Scratching #2 off life’s to-do list: Priceless