Catching Up

I took a little break from all things computer related over the weekend and now I’m finally catching up. I’ve got some outgoing mail, some incoming mail, a trade, some ebay stuff, and some old junk I found in the attic.


Outgoing Mail

Just a heads up, the following packages are all ready to go and will be dropped off at the post office first thing in the morning:


Hope you guys enjoy!

Interesting Questions

I just noticed that has up a survey to pick the “All Fenway Team”. This year is the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park. That means two things. First, that it’s the oldest, continually used ballpark in America. Second, that it’s now an official US Landmark and can’t be altered, demolished, updated or renovated without an act of Congress. Literally.

Most of you don’t give 2 spits about the Red Sox, and that’s completely understandable. Everyone has their teams and I’d never begrudge anyone for rooting for theirs. For me though, the survey is a bit troublesome. Look at Left Field for example. You can’t have a “best Red Sox ever” team without BOTH Ted Williams and Carl Yastrezemski. It can’t be done. Picking one over the other is like asking me to choose between breathing and eating. Anyway, just for giggles, and again I know none of you care, I pasted the entirety of the survey candidates below. I also highlighted my choices in red. I mixed my nostalgia, personal favorites and stats leaders all in. For example, Ike Delock probably has better RP numbers, but I’m picking Paps and Gordon. I also picked two or more in the appropriate categories. No need to pick just 1 pitcher when you have a rotation of 5.


Custom Cards

Unless you read my “About” page, you may not know this, but I’m a photographer and designer by trade. Baseball cards actually combine those two fields with my love for everything baseball. So, for me, baseball cards aren’t just pieces of cardboard, their little works of art.

Since my day job is mostly web design and webmaster/maintenance work at the moment, I like to take a little break every now and then and stretch the ol’ Photoshop muscles a little.

That leads me to “Custom Baseball Cards”. If you actually put that phrase into Google, you get a wide variety of absolutely astonishing or completely terrible cards. It’s clear who is a designer that likes baseball and who is a teenager with Photoshop, making cards for his garage band. Everyone has their own style too. Some people are creating beautiful cards that could, in all seriousness, go into production tomorrow. Some people are creating cards with large blank spaces so they can print them out and take them to a game to be autographed, creating their own completely custom collection.

Me, I like the artsy ones. My all time favorite cards are Upper Deck Masterpieces and Topps Gallery. If I’m feeling a little retro, nothing can beat Goodwin Champions or early A&G.

So, with that in mind… I came up with these.


Trade Day with Spankee

You know, I was having a bad week, and then you guys had to go head and and be awesome and completely turn that around. Thank you, very deeply and sincerely. You are ALL awesome. All of you. Today however, this particular brand awesome comes courtesy of Spankee over at My Cardboard Mistress. Spankee collects certain players and a couple sets and since I had a glut of Ryan Zimmerman and Mark Reynolds cards sitting around, a trade was born! I knocked a couple cards off his wish list and in return he flooded me with serial numbered goodness. Take a look…