Papas got a brand new grill

My father-in-law just did something incredibly nice. He bought me a grill for helping him out this year. A GRILL. My old grill was tiny, 10 years old and broken in so many ways. I was actually kind of surprised it made it that long. I used it pretty much once a week for most of the year for all those years. I love to grill. It’s in my blood, apparently. (more…)

Trade With Ryan

Yesterday I had a huge package waiting for me in the mail box. It was from Ryan over at “ ‘O’ No, Another Orioles Blog“. I had sent him a package of a couple Lineage and Topps Chrome refractors he needed along with a couple things from his needs/wants lists. In return he sent me a really nice Curt Schilling jersey card I had my eye on and a whole giant box of stuff.



The wife and I had our first date night in about 9 months. My brother volunteered to watch the kiddo and we took some time for ourselves to kick back and relax a little. We decided to get some food, some coffee and see The Muppets.


What are they thinking?

Pardon me while I get completely belligerent for a minute, but the Red Sox just signed 32 year old Kelly Shoppach as catcher and I can’t wrap my head around what on earth Ben Cherington is thinking, let alone smoking. Whatever it is, I’d like the number of his dealer.


Trade Day

I got my first trade package in the mail over the weekend from my new friend Johnny over at Cards From the Quarry. Johnny is a Rockies fan and I sent him a couple jersey relics, parallels and just about anything Rockies related I had. In return he was kind enough to send along a whole stack of awesome stuff. He included a bunch of fantastic Goudey, Goodwin Champions and lots of recent Upper Deck, which I’m extremely grateful for. I didn’t have anything from the early 2000’s. Now I’ve got a great start on lots of 2008-2005 stuff. The highlights from the trade were definitely these…