Yesterday I had a huge package waiting for me in the mail box. It was from Ryan over at “ ‘O’ No, Another Orioles Blog“. I had sent him a package of a couple Lineage and Topps Chrome refractors he needed along with a couple things from his needs/wants lists. In return he sent me a really nice Curt Schilling jersey card I had my eye on and a whole giant box of stuff.

The Schilling is a 2007 Upper Deck and is awesome. I’m quickly falling in love with Upper Deck again and I’m wishing and hoping the MLB decides to drop Topps’ exclusive rights in a couple years. Upper Deck cards have always been excellent (in my mind) and if using questionably authentic materials and poor collation were their problem, someone from the MLB really needs to take a tour of the Topps production lines. I’m not sure how many pairs of Carlos Pena’s “travel day” pants I needed to pull A&G this year, but one was too many. Oh, and by the way Topps, Pena was on the Cubs in 2011, not the Rays. Morons. I’m getting off topic. Sorry.

Back to the awesome…

The box Ryan sent was full of all kinds of stuff from a whole bunch of years. There were 07-10 base cards, some 08 and 09 Goudey, all sorts of good stuff and too many to showcase all of it. He did send along a couple of pre/post Red Sox as well as some all time favorites.

Thanks for the trade Ryan!! Awesome stuff!