Podcast Test

Alright gang. I just setup an Odeo account and gave the “phone in a podcast” feature a try. I’m really diggin it. Odeo seems like a cool service. Completely 100% free. You can podcast via phone, web based recorder or pre-record and submit a MP3. It does the RSS for you so you can feed it that way, or, if you like, you can embed a shockwave widget thing into the page and play the audio that way.

So, this is all a big test just right now. I’ll try and do a “real” one on Monday. But, in the meantime, let’s try this out…

I’m going to put a big Odeo “My Podcast” button below here, which should link directly to the page. Also, below that, I’m going to embed the little shockwave thing (which is based on the opensource “musicplayer” project over at SourceForge). And below that I’ll put a link to the RSS. So, hopefully, you should be able to hear/test this out using any of those options. Let me know which one works the best and I’ll use that as my primary means of posting.

My Odeo Podcast

MP3 Link

Audio in this Podcast (RSS, m3u, xspf)

Case Mod 2006

I briefly mentioned this before, but I’m working on my latest case at the moment. I’ve gotten my hands on a really smashed up Antec 1650. Its side pannels were both damaged in shipping so its a half restoration, half mod project.

I’ll update this post and my subsequent posts with photos, so check back later for more details.

So far we’re in the prep and repair/prepare stages. I started by taking a rubber mallet to the side pannels and knocked out as much of the dents as possible.

After that I took a power sander to the pannels to start removing the paint and that crappy “orange peel” texture.

After that it was time for a trip to Home Depot for some supplies and paint.

I’ve decided on a “desert camo” theme for the case and pick up auto paint specificlly for paint cars camo. I also picked up a primer under coat and a high gloss top coat.

Back at the ranch I applied a little metal paint stripper to the side, just as an experiment in paint removal. It didn’t work at all so I went back to sanding.

Next I started in with a coat of primer. Waiting for it to dry and then sanded it back.

Then a second coat of primer and more sanding. Tonight I’m going to apply the last coat of primer before I move on to cutting the case window and the final painting.


Just wanted to let everyone know whats been going on around here over the past week or so. We’ve been so incredibly busy at work that by the time I get home I just crash. We’ve done weddings, we’ve done commercial stuff, we’ve done more cheerleader stuff. It’s been crazy. But a good crazy. I’d rather have it crazy than dead.

On the personal front, there’s a bunch of stuff going on. I’ve started a new case mod project that, hopefully tonight or tomorrow I’m going to upload the first round of photos from. I’ve also been busy gaming with the Crew and have been busy trying to plan this years LAN party in June.

There’s also so many random topics I’ve been wanting to talk about and there’s definatly not enought space to do it. I wanted to talk about gas prices, illegal imigrants, the new stuff coming out of E3, the Xbox vs the PS3, all sorts of stuff. I think I might make a special podcast next monday and see how it goes. It would give me time to rant, not take up to much text space, and be a nifty experiment for me. I’ve got a mic, I’ve found a few services (thanks Nagle) and I think I’m going to give it a whirl. Now, I’m definatly not turning this into a regular thing, I just don’t have the time, but I think it could be fun.

I’ll let you know.