Just wanted to let everyone know whats been going on around here over the past week or so. We’ve been so incredibly busy at work that by the time I get home I just crash. We’ve done weddings, we’ve done commercial stuff, we’ve done more cheerleader stuff. It’s been crazy. But a good crazy. I’d rather have it crazy than dead.

On the personal front, there’s a bunch of stuff going on. I’ve started a new case mod project that, hopefully tonight or tomorrow I’m going to upload the first round of photos from. I’ve also been busy gaming with the Crew and have been busy trying to plan this years LAN party in June.

There’s also so many random topics I’ve been wanting to talk about and there’s definatly not enought space to do it. I wanted to talk about gas prices, illegal imigrants, the new stuff coming out of E3, the Xbox vs the PS3, all sorts of stuff. I think I might make a special podcast next monday and see how it goes. It would give me time to rant, not take up to much text space, and be a nifty experiment for me. I’ve got a mic, I’ve found a few services (thanks Nagle) and I think I’m going to give it a whirl. Now, I’m definatly not turning this into a regular thing, I just don’t have the time, but I think it could be fun.

I’ll let you know.