Alright gang. I just setup an Odeo account and gave the “phone in a podcast” feature a try. I’m really diggin it. Odeo seems like a cool service. Completely 100% free. You can podcast via phone, web based recorder or pre-record and submit a MP3. It does the RSS for you so you can feed it that way, or, if you like, you can embed a shockwave widget thing into the page and play the audio that way.

So, this is all a big test just right now. I’ll try and do a “real” one on Monday. But, in the meantime, let’s try this out…

I’m going to put a big Odeo “My Podcast” button below here, which should link directly to the page. Also, below that, I’m going to embed the little shockwave thing (which is based on the opensource “musicplayer” project over at SourceForge). And below that I’ll put a link to the RSS. So, hopefully, you should be able to hear/test this out using any of those options. Let me know which one works the best and I’ll use that as my primary means of posting.

My Odeo Podcast

MP3 Link

Audio in this Podcast (RSS, m3u, xspf)